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Cairo Attractions

Cairo the magical city

What kind of nicknames has Cairo received for its thousand-year history of its existence: “Egyptian Rome”, “the city of a thousand minarets”, “the gates of the East”. All these names eloquently tell us about the scale of cultural wealth that is hidden in the depths of the solar capital. And what else to expect from the city, which managed to absorb Heliopolis, Babylon of Egypt, Fustat, forming the largest metropolis of the Arab world. Cairo became the heir of six thousand years of civilization of Egypt, collecting the achievements of its culture. The ancient world and modern technologies are fancifully mixed in this sandy-enclosed city, which for many centuries the Nile carries its waters. The current Cairo is the age-old minarets and the newest skyscrapers, palm gardens and neon advertising lights, noisy bazaars and supermarkets, Islamic universities and nightclubs.

Cairo Islamic Attractions

The whole modern history of Egypt is permeated with Islam, so the abundance of mosques in the capital is quite explicable. And yet their number surpasses the imagination: in Cairo, more than 500 samples of Islamic architecture, and the number does not stand still.

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Archaeological sites

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live.

Grand Egyptian museum Giza


t is simply indecent to come to Cairo and not to visit the Egyptian Museum, because under its roof there is the world’s largest collection of art and everyday objects of Ancient Egypt

There’s really no way to describe life in Cairo. It’s an insane, tumultuous, heaving realm of chaos, and one can only begin to understand it by winding up and down its streets and in and out of the lives of the souls that walk them.