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Pyramids of Sakkara

Saqqara Pyramids

Saqqara Pyramids This is one of the brightest landmarks of Egypt. The Saqqara of the First and Second dynasties of the pharaohs was the place where the highest-ranking officials and rulers were buried. The necropolis is located at a distance of 17 km from Cairo. This is a whole complex of pyramids and other interesting arrangements. By the way, the first pyramid was built here for Pharaoh Netherichet (Djoser). The construction was led by architect Imhotep, who was later deified.

Until VII century BC Saqqara was a necropolis, and it was constantly expanding. It lasted until the Middle Ages. Saqqara was opened for the general public by Jean Philip Loher in 1927.

 The step pyramid of Djoser together with the buildings standing next to it is the burial complex of the step pyramid, the area of ​​which is over 15 ha. Pyramid height today is 58.7 m, the length of the base side 173 m. According to scientists, the pyramid was erected above an 8-meter high mastaba. And at a 28-meter depth, a unique system of horizontal tunnels was created. At a depth of 32 meters, 11 wells were dug.  the construction was multistage, thanks to which the pyramid of Djoser turned out to be six-speed.

Unis Pyramid  This is the burial of Pharaoh V dynasty. On the walls of the pyramid, you can see the ancient characters of the “texts of the pyramids

The pyramid of Userkaf differs from others in that the chapel, intended for offerings, is located on the east side. This pyramid is located on the very edge of the plateau.

Pyramid Neferhetepis of Pharaoh Userkaf’s wife  is located south of his burial.

Pyramid of Aunt today looks very bad. In the past, its height was 52.5 meters, the length of its side 78.5 meters.