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Hanging Church

The Hanging Church stands proud on the remains of one of the towers of the Babylonian fortress. It is an amazing church that corresponds to one of the main Coptic monuments of Cairo . 


Originally called Church of the Virgin , then converted into a mosque and back again to Christian hands, it is currently known as Kenisa Al Moallaqa . It is estimated that it dates from approximately 690, although it is believed to have been preceded by a church of the third century. 

Its inner walls wear relics of saints and icons that represent life and death . The marble altar, covered with mosaics; the sanctuary of Takla Haymanot, the patron of Ethiopia, and the 7 altars that have icons embedded with ebony and cedar wood make it a piece worth visiting.

During the fourteenth and fifteenth century it was gradually gaining fame, and it was called the church of the stairs because to reach its main entrance, you have to climb some stairs. 


It is called Hanging Church because, located at the top of a Roman door , on the remains of a fortress, and established its entrance through a long staircase, it seems to be literally hung. 

In general, it is a manifestation of the architecture of Egypt that arouses curiosity in travelers.