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Museum of Islamic Art Cairo

Islamic art museum
The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo is considered the largest museum specialized in Islamic art in the world, as it contains more than one hundred thousand masterpieces covering all branches of Islamic art in various eras, and its art collections were distinguished by their richness in terms of quantity and quality, which made it a beacon for Islamic arts and civilization throughout its history , And became a resource for all researchers, historians and visitors of all categories, in order to become familiar with the history of Islamic civilization in various fields of science such as medicine, engineering, and astronomy, where museum collections include manuscripts and masterpieces in medicine, surgery, herbs, and astronomy tools from astrolabes, compasses, and Astronomical balls, and in the field of sub-arts that represent the necessities of life such as metal, glass and ceramic utensils, ornaments, weapons, woods, ivory, textiles, carpets, etc. The Museum of Islamic Art has been since its inception before it for the great visitors of the kings and the greats of the world, and the modernization of the museum display has now included an increase in the number of artifacts in a way that serves the story of the museum display, with the development of various supportive methods that help all groups of visitors to understand the vision and mission of the museum