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Welcome to Deluxe Tours Egypt updated blog. We are here to help you build your dream vacation to Egypt by providing you with informative Egypt travel tips. Our experts with their extensive knowledge will help you design your Egypt tailor-made holiday and vacation. From the ancient Egyptian monuments to the modern attractions, and from the sea treasures and above water activities, climbing mountains, exploring the vast desert all could be accomplished in your vacation. Read more about Egypt travel tips and facts. If you want more information about Egypt where to go? what to visit? What to eat and where to stay plus much more valuable information read our blog.

Hall of Royal Mummies in National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The Hall of Royal Mummies in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir was just an ordinary room, in which royal mummies were displayed, like the rest of the antiquities in the museum. As for the most prominent differences between the two halls, it is represented in the shape of the new hall, which is characterized by...
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National museum of Egyptian civilization

National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Arab world, which provides a comprehensive view of the Egyptian civilization from prehistoric times to the present day, by highlighting the interaction between the Egyptians and the land on which they lived throughout history through cultural topics chosen to...
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Tanura sufi dancing Ghoria

Tanoura Dervish Show – Sufi Dance

The Sufi dance is a dance closely related to the rotating movement of the planets and the connection with God. What they do, the dancers of this dance, called dervishes , is to link one turn after another in a spectacular dance that is most popular in Cairo (Egypt) and is responsible for combining folklore and mysticism. This dance has...
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Marriott Mena House old photos

The story of Mena House Hotel from the Khedive’s rest house to a famous hotel

In 1869, Khedive Ismail built the Mena House Hotel in front of the Pyramids of Giza, and the reason behind this was his desire to have a break of his own in which he would spend his time after returning from long fishing trips and meet his guests there. Khedive Ismail expanded the rest area...
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Luxury Egypt tour, Marriott Mena House

Private transfer Cairo Airport to Marriott Mena House

When you arrive to Cairo save your self the hassle of negotiating with Taxi drivers by booking your private transfer with Deluxe Travel Egypt. We provide you a safe and efficient way of a private transfer from Cairo airport to Marriott Mena House. Upon arrival to airport you will find our driver waiting for you...
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luxury hotels in Egypt, Marriott Mena house

Book Tours from Marriott Mena House Cairo

Discover Giza and Cairo from Marriott Mena House 5-star hotel in Cairo. Feel free to contact us through the page if you want to know more about our various Marriott Mena House Cairo tours and excursions, prices, and booking times and we will answer all inquiries as soon as possible so that you can choose...
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Esna temple, temple of Esna, Esna


Esna A quiet town on the west bank of the Nile, 55 km south of Luxor. Esna was known by several names, the most famous of which is Latopolis, meaning the tilapia fish that is abundant in that part of the Nile. In addition to the beautiful landscapes on the banks of the immortal river,...
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Therapeutic Tourism to Egypt, medical tourism egypt, egypt medical tourism

Medical Tourism Egypt

Guide to medical tourism places in Egypt and the most important sulfur springs and black sands with pictures There are many reasons that make Egypt one of the most prominent global tourism destinations, starting with the presence of a third of the world’s monuments on its land and its possession of a number of coastal...
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Al Ghouria, Muizz Street

Al-Ghouriya neighborhood Cairo An open road to history

“Al-Ghouriya neighborhood” is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Fatimid Cairo. It has the fragrance of the past and the smell of history. When you walk in its streets, you feel nostalgia for the beautiful time, and a feeling that takes you from the immediate moment to travel on the carpet of the wind in...
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Edfu Temple. Aswan Tours

Edfu The legend of the Egyptian Temples

The city of “Edfu” owes its fame to its temple, which is considered one of the most magnificent Egyptian temples, being highly integrated, and replete with a huge number of scenes and texts engraved in a distinctive artistic style. The importance of the Temple of Edfu, in southern Egypt, is not only due to its...
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Kushari, Koshari, Egyptian food

Egyptian Cuisine and Culinary Speciality

Egyptian cuisine is quite similar to the cuisine of other countries in the eastern Mediterranean. Foods such as stuffed vegetables, vine leaves, Shawarma, Tajine and Falafel can be found everywhere in this part of the world. If you want to taste the local gastronomy, the mezze is a ritual not to be missed. It consists...
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Nubia, Nuba, Nubia aswan, aswan


آNubia a is the area in southern Egypt along the Nile River to northern Sudan . Most of the Nuba is located in Sudan, and about 25% of it is in Egypt. In ancient times Nubia was an independent kingdom. Wadi Al-Khawy, south of the Third Cataract, was an ancient basin of the Nile, about 123 km long, to the east of the current...
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Rifai mosque, Al Riai

Al Rifai Mosque Cairo

▪️ Al-Rifai Mosque in Cairo. Corresponding to the year 1911 AD.. 🔹 Al-Rifai Mosque is one of the ancient mosques of Cairo. It was built in the year 1329 corresponding to the year 1911 AD.. 🔹 He was named by that name in relation to (Ahmed Izz al-Din al-Sayyad al-Rifa’i), one of the grandsons of...
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Cairo down town, winter in Egypt, Cairo winter

The most beautiful places in winter in Egypt

Egypt is a very diverse country in terms of nature. It has a group of governorates, each of which differs from the other, so you want to experience all of these places. It is amazing that each place is really different from the other. If your visit to Egypt is always associated with the summer...
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Luxor Hot Air Balloon

With the beginning of the early morning breeze in the air of the Egyptian Luxor near the Temple of Hatshepsut on the western mainland, the Luxor balloon flights start at a specific time. The land of Luxor history and civilization, the balloon at sunrise will take you to a panoramic view of the ancient Egyptian...
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