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Desert Safari Tours

Egypt is commonly called the country of the pyramids. Everyone who goes there certainly tries to visit Cairo and the Giza plateau to see the monumental contemporaries of the pharaohs. Moreover, not everyone knows about another wonder of the world, located a few hours drive from Cairo – the White Desert. Rather, there are two such miracles at once – the White Desert and the Black. They are in comparative proximity to each other and the ability to see at first the amazingly Black Desert allows you to fully appreciate all the ethereal beauty of Belaya. The desert safari tours in Egypt are various and it offers a great opportunity for thrill seekers and adventure travelers to get close to mother nature. 

Egypt Desert Safari Tours 

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2 Nights Baharia and White Desert Camping tour

3 Days / 2 Nights
Availability : Daily
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One Night White Desert Egypt Tour

2 Days
Availability : Daily
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Best Oasis in Egypt for your desert safair tours

Oasis in Egypt

  • white desert, egypt white desert, deluxe tours egypt

    White Desert

    White Desert

  • Bawiti Baharia oasis, Bahareya


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  • Farafra Oasis egypt


  • siwa, siwa egypt, siwa Oasis egypt, the oasis of siwa, deluxe tours egypt, travel to siwa, cairo to siwa

    Siwa Oasis

    Siwa Oasis