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Cairo Travel Guide

Cairo General Info

Cairo , the capital of Egypt , is the largest city in Africa. This is one of the most crowded places in the world. Tightness, stuffiness, dust, a lot of people and cars moving in a continuous stream. The capital of Egypt is called the “city of a thousand minarets.” And this is true: by the number of elegant, graceful, majestic mosques, not a single eastern city can compare with Cairo.  Traveling in Cairo is hard work . But here are the most interesting sights, the legacy of a change of epochs and civilizations. Egyptian pyramids and museums, Islamic mosques and castles, Coptic shrines – require at least a week for review. Cairo also has the richest collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world. In the suburb of Cairo – Giza – stand the legendary tombs of antiquity – the Egyptian pyramids, and the oldest on earth sculpture – the Great Sphinx.

Cairo is often called the “City of a Thousand Minarets”, this magnificent resort has long conquered the hearts of travelers. The mysterious pyramids of Giza, wonderful mosques and fabulously beautiful palaces – all this makes Cairo look like a magical city that never ceases to amaze guests with its mysteries.
Cairo: authentic traditions and festivals
One of the main national features, which is worth mentioning in the story of Cairo, are strict moral and ethical standards. Many local orders for foreign travelers … 



The main “event” is Ramadan, even this is not a holiday, but a religious event. 
As most of you know, this is a holy month when people go hungry before sunset, hold special prayer sessions, and everyone has to donate charity, spend time with their families and live in general without committing sins. However, after sunset, the city looks completely different. The streets are lit with bright lights, people  gather in a place , music is in the air. It is definitely very interesting to observe Ramadan, but remember that in those days it is not polite to eat and drink in public — respect local people for their customs and practices. 
On the other hand, Ramadan is a great time to enjoy the city without excessive movement, as many people rest and travel outside Cairo.
In addition to religious holidays, the main national holidays are Sinai Liberation Day (April 25), Labor Day (May 1), Revolution Day (July 23, with reference to the 1953 Revolution), Armed Forces Day (October 6) and of course, National Day 25 January!

Weather in Cairo

  • In summer : From June to September the prices are very low, but this is because the temperatures are extremely high. In addition, the climate is dry and the heat becomes unbearable.
  • In winter : Prices increase because, in general, it is a much more comfortable time to travel to Egypt. In winter, the temperature is pleasant and there are a lot of precipitations in the form of rain or showers.

What to see in Cairo?

Cairo offers travelers a variety of excursion programs.On the territory of the city there are more than a hundred pyramids, each of which is full of its secrets and legends. 

Pyramids of Giza

The most unique creation of human hands remains the Pyramid of Cheops, whose height is 147 m. Many surprising hypotheses and assumptions are connected with this unique architectural structure, the purpose of the pyramids is still the main secret. Today, archaeologists work in the territory of Giza, each new day reveals more and more details about the history of ancient Egypt. You can get acquainted with the found artifacts and evaluate the achievements of modern scientists during an excursion to the Archaeological Museum.


The main guardian of the pyramids remains the Great Sphinx, whose strict and majestic appearance makes travelers freeze in admiration.

citadel of Salah El Din

Next to the temple is the Citadel – one of the oldest buildings in the world. Several palaces and mosques have been erected on the territory of the fortress, old barracks and warehouses have been preserved. This large-scale architectural complex is the location for several museums devoted to history, military equipment and even royal carriages. The mosques also store many beautiful paintings and interior items.

Blue Mosque

In Cairo is the world-famous Blue Mosque, it is open for visitors of adherents of absolutely any religion. The mosque is very large and differs in luxurious decoration, while the decoration of its prayer hall used beautiful green and blue faience. Experienced travelers advise visiting the mosque in the early morning, at this time the number of tourists is not so great, and you can enjoy the surrounding architectural beauty in a few people.

Cairo Tower

n the very center of the city is the greatest architectural monument of our time – the Cairo Tower. This is an incredibly beautiful skyscraper, which with its outlines resembles a lotus stem, its height is 187 meters. Office buildings and shopping pavilions are located in this skyscraper, and a revolving restaurant is located on one of its top floors. Here is one of the best viewing platforms in the city, ideal for admiring the panorama of the Nile.

Tourist tips: what you need and what not to do on a trip to Cairo

In Cairo, it is customary to tip literally for any service. Be sure to leave a cash reward to the waiter in the restaurant, the maid in the hotel and the guide,

In Cairo, it is customary to tip literally for any service. Be sure to leave a cash reward to the waiter in the restaurant, the maid in the hotel and the guide,

In Cairo, it is customary to tip literally for any service. Be sure to leave a cash reward to the waiter in the restaurant, the maid in the hotel and the guide,

What not to miss in Cairo?

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What to do in Cairo at night?

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