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Egypt Travel Guide

General Info

Egypt country information
Official nameArab Republic of Egypt
Head of headAbdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi
populationAbout 93.38 million (2016)
Ethnic groupMainly Arab (others, a few Nubia, Armenia, Greece, etc.)
languageArabic (official language), other Nubian languages, English, etc.
religionIslam, Christianity (Coptic)
area1,001,450 ㎢ (about 2.6 times that of Japan 378,000 ㎢)
visaRequired (can be obtained at the airport)
Electricity / voltage220V-50Hz: C type
passport6 months or more when applying, 1 page or more
currencyEgyptian Pound (EGP) Auxiliary unit is Piastol (pt.) 100 Piastol = 1EGP 1EGP = 6.43 yen * As of October 2017
National flagEgypt FlagRed represents revolution, white represents a bright future, and black represents past history. These three colors are common to the flags of “Yemen”, “Syria”, and “Iraq”, and the wish of Arab unification is put in the center, the national emblem “Saladin’s hawk”.
climateExcept for the Mediterranean climate of Alexandria and the Delta, the rest of the region has a desert climate. In May-October, which is the summer, the temperature is around 40 ° C and the sunshine is strong. It is winter from November to February that makes it easier to spend. From March to May, a sandstorm called hamscene blows and the airport may be closed. It rarely rains, but it can also occur in winter along the Mediterranean coast.
How to callInternational call identification number +


Art and culture in Egypt

“Tourists are advised to opt for an appropriate dress code, that is covering to respect the inhabitants, their culture and their religion and thus the historical sites. The tap water is drinkable in Egypt. However, it is not superfluous to filter before consumption. “


The cultural history of Egypt spans six thousand years. Ancient Egypt was one of the first civilizations in the world. For millennia, Egypt has maintained a surprisingly complex and stable culture that later influenced the cultures of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. After the Pharaonic era, Egypt itself was influenced by Hellenism, Christianity for a certain period and, later, Islamic culture. Today, many aspects of ancient Egyptian culture exist in the interaction with the new elements, including the influence of modern Western culture that you will find during your stay in a hotel in Egypt.


The monetary unit of the country is the Egyptian pound (EGP), in 1 Egyptian pound 100 piastres. Current exchange rate: 1 EGP =  (1 USD = 16. EGP, 1 EUR = 18. EGP).

Locally the abbreviation LE or LE is used, which comes from French, and means livre égyptienne. The name of the Egyptian coin in Egyptian Arabic, ginaih , can be related to the English name, Guinea.

You can easily exchange currency at currency exchange points, banks (usually on weekdays from 8:30 to 14:00, some are closed Monday through Tuesday-Wednesday) or hotels,

It is best to take to Egypt a “mix” of cash in the form of euros or dollars, as well as credit and debit cards.

Many large hotels indicate prices in dollars and euros and calmly accept this currency. Also in use are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Diners Club cards, and today they are accepted not only in hotels but also in restaurants and some stores. There are also no problems with the exchange of traveler’s checks – they will be picked up at any bank, but they will be picked around for a long time, plus they will add a commission of 1-4%. It is easier to use ATMs, which are found almost everywhere in large cities. Each bank takes a commission for its withdrawal, it is better to clarify before the trip how to use the card and withdraw money.


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4 hours
Availability : Daily at 9:00 am
Tahrir square infront of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Radamis I Nile Cruise

3 nights or 4 nights
Availability : Saturday from Luxor / Wednesday from Aswan

ทัวร์อียิปต์และจอร์แดนดีลักซ์ 10 วัน

10 Days
Availability : พุธ / ศุกร์ / อาทิตย์
ไคโร / ลักซอร์ / อัสวาน / เปตรา / Wadi Rum / Dead Sea
Karnak temple, Luxor

Luxor Hot air balloon with Luxor full day tour

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Luxor East and West Bank Hot air balloon