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Mosque of Mohamed Ali

The late Muhammad took the head of the Alevi family and the founder of modern Egypt, after he repaired the walls of the castle, and in the construction of palaces, schools and government bureaus therein, and crowned these facilities and a great great mosque that overlooks the city of Cairo with its domes and minarets a symbol of pride and strength.

It was established in the year 1246 AH – 1830AD on the ruins of old buildings left from the buildings of the Mamluks and ages in the year 1265 AH – 1848AD. Its square shape is 41 meters long, covered in the middle by a large dome of 21 meters in diameter, which can be 52 meters, mounted on four large arches, centered on four huge shoulders. Other than that, another half of the dome covers the protrusion of the qiblah that protrudes from the eastern side of the mosque, and wick walls It is from the inside and the four shoulders, 11.30 meters high. Alabaster is topped with colorful inscriptions, domes and half-domes are decorated with prominent and engraved and gilded decorations. On the western side of the mosque, you tied the amount while it was transferred to columns and alabaster, and took its handrails and railings from the domed bronzes in the occupied, in The tribal western corner of it lies the tomb of the late Muhammad Ali Al Kabir, topped with a marble composition that is torn with beautiful motifs and inscriptions, surrounded by a shrine of brilliantly crafted bronzing, ordered by its work the forgiven Abbas Pasha I, and the original pulpit of the mosque is the large minbar made of local wood with the abundance of Arf M. Heba, the small pulpit Almmermry actually to the left of the oracle, he ordered his work Farouk in the year 1358 AH – 1939.

The mosque is illuminated by beautiful crystal chandeliers surrounded by glass niches, coordinated in exquisite shapes, which on the two sides of the west side of the mosque are two graceful, cylindrical beacons also built in the style of Turkish minarets, which are each 82 meters from the ground.

The mosque has three gates, one in the middle of the sea side, the second in front of it in the middle of the tribal side, and the third in the middle of the western side, and leads to a spacious courtyard of 53 by 53 meters covering its walls as a cladding of alabaster, surrounded by four arcades of arches and columns of alabaster also, and in the middle of it a place Ablution, which is a dome mounted on eight columns, has a flap, which is decorated with gilded ornamentation. The interior of the dome is decorated with colorful and gilded inscriptions representing natural landscapes. The dome is like the domes of the mosque with lead panels and below the water cistern, and an octagon is covered by a dome, all made of alabaster topped with prominent decorations. The middle of the portico To the west of the dish tower of copper decorated inside ticking clock donated by the King of France Louis Flip to the late Mohamed Ali in 1845