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Welcome to Deluxe Tours Egypt updated blog. We are here to help you build your dream vacation to Egypt by providing you with informative Egypt travel tips. Our experts with their extensive knowledge will help you design your Egypt tailor-made holiday and vacation. From the ancient Egyptian monuments to the modern attractions, and from the sea treasures and above water activities, climbing mountains, exploring the vast desert all could be accomplished in your vacation. Read more about Egypt travel tips and facts. If you want more information about Egypt where to go? what to visit? What to eat and where to stay plus much more valuable information read our blog.

Palm Sunday

It is the seventh Sunday of the last and final fasting before Easter or Resurrection, and it is called the week that begins with the Holy Week, and it is the day of the anniversary of the entry of “Jesus Christ, the son of Mary,” to the city of Jerusalem. This day is also called...
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Nile Cruise holidays. River Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise Facts

Where does the Nile cruise start? The Nile cruises can start from different locations on the Nile. Depending on the selected route, you will travel on different sections of the Nile on your cruise. A popular departure port and the linchpin of every Nile cruise is Luxor. From there, various stations on the upper Nile between Aswan and...
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10 Best things to Do in Cairo

Study ancient history If you are fascinated by the secrets of the past, did you dream to see a miracle? Then you should definitely visit the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops – one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. Previously located on the outskirts of Cairo, now an overgrown city envelops the Giza plateau, where...
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Dahabiya, Dahabeya, Nile Cruise Dahabeya

Dahabia Nile Cruise

A Dahabeya is a sailboat built in the centuries-old tradition of sailing boats sailing on the Nile.
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Pyramids in Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids are the main mystery of antiquity. Having been there at least once, you will get a sea of ​​impressions and will be able to immerse yourself in the mysterious and fascinating world of ancient Egypt.
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White desert Egypt

White desert Safari Egypt

The white sand desert stretches over a 20 kilometer long strip. It is crossed by the road that connects Al-Bahariya and Al-Farafra.
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10 Facts About Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel temple was built by Ramses II and represents the miracle of the ancient Egyptians in astronomy, engineering and architecture.
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Day trip to Kom Ombo and Edfu temples from Aswan

14 most popular Attractions in Aswan

Aswan is a peaceful and welcoming city that will provide a peaceful getaway What are best things to do in Aswan?
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Alexandria. alexandria egypt. alexandria day tours, alexandria day tours from cairo

Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt?

Tips for getting along: One of the first questions for those who want to know the land of the pyramids is whether it is safe to travel to Egypt. After all, this is a distant land, with a very different culture and habits than most other countries.
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Egypt visa, travel to Egypt visa

Visa to Egypt

Tourist visas to travel to Egypt are available for those citizens of any non-Arab country and to obtain it a passport valid for at least six months is required to obtain the tourist visa to Egypt.Any Egyptian consulate in the world will give us the help with the necessary procedures to obtain the visa. The value...
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best time to visit Egypt

Best Time to Travel To Egypt

The best time to travel to Egypt is about mid-March to mid-May and from mid-September to mid-November. Here are the hot and dry summer months, and the colder winter months, especially at night, with very low temperatures
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Cairo tour, Cairo city tours, Deluxe Tours Egypt, Nile River, Nile in Cairo

Best Things to Do in Cairo

Are you planning to travel to Cairo? Discover what to see, where to stay ,  Cairo tours and excursions  you should not miss and much more.
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Alexandria day tour

Best Places to Visit in Alexandria

Alexandria was known in ancient times as the capital of Egypt and was dubbed the "Bride of the Mediterranean". It was built by Alexander the Great and is therefore named after it. It is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo
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The Sphinx

The Story of the Sphinx

One of the main questions of the history of the architectural monuments of ancient Egypt is the reason why the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau near the pyramids of Ancient Egypt was left without a nose?
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Cairo, Pyramids of Giza, Deluxe Tours Egypt

Cairo Tours Includes Many Surprises

Whenever anyone from us thinks about Egypt, a picture of its great pyramids runs through the veins of our mind. We have read many times about Egypt and its greatness of architectural glory famous globally and come among the wonders of world. The image of the country on our mind has always been influenced by...
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