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10 Interesting Facts about Egypt

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  1. In Egypt, the weather is amazing – the temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees and even +10 is considered extreme cold. The water temperature does not fall below + 23 ° С at all.
  2. The transparency of water in the Red Sea is unique. Particles of soil do not get into the water, and marine inhabitants very effectively clean the sea from the remains of organic matter, and therefore the visibility in the water is very good. By the way, coral reefs in the Red Sea are some of the most interesting on the planet, and their inhabitants are very diverse.
  3. It was in Egypt that the castle, comb and scissors, deodorant and toothbrush with paste were invented. Rumor has it that beer was also brewed for the first time in Egypt, but Turkey, Iraq, and Iran are opposed, and historical data on this subject are contradictory.
  4. 95% of Egypt is desert. Most of the population lives in the Nile Delta, along its channel and on the country’s coasts, as well as in oases.
  5. The Suez Canal, through which ships pass to the Mediterranean from the Red Sea without enveloping Africa, is Egypt’s most important source of income. Construction was completed in 1869, but it still remains the largest canal in the world. Tourism by profitability is only in third place. Much more than caring for foreign vacationers gives the Egyptians the development of oil fields.
  6. The most massive dam in the world is also located in Egypt. And it does not block the Suez Canal, but the Nile, in order to protect its valley from spills. Her dam was designed by the Soviet Institute Hydro project. The construction of the Aswan Dam went to 17 times more different building materials than the Cheops pyramid. Above the constructed dam, the Nile spilled so much that the largest artificial lake on Earth – Lake Nasser, formed.
  7. The Cheops Pyramid is the only miracle of the world from the list of ancient Greek geographers that has survived to this day. Another wonder of the world – the Lighthouse of Alexandria – was also in Egypt, in Alexandria, but was destroyed by a strong earthquake. If you are lucky and the ubiquitous Novosibirsk rufers and Islamic radicalists will not destroy the pyramid, this monument to the engineering genius of the ancient Egyptians will be able to survive human civilization.
  8. In Egypt, there is at least one citizen who was issued a passport after death. In 1974, the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II suddenly began to collapse, and scientists decided to take it to France for examination. To avoid long delays and paperwork for the export of cultural property, they had to make mummies the usual passport of an Egyptian citizen. The document indicates the name – Ramses, the profession – the king and there is a mark – “died”. After returning to Egypt, the passport of the pharaoh was not destroyed – just in case.
  9. We owe the modern calendar to the ancient Egyptians. The division of the year into 365 days and 12 months is the invention of the Egyptians.
  10. When the Aswan Dam was still just a project, engineers warned that many archaeological sites would be in the flood zone. To save the unique temples of Abu Simbel, carved into the rocks during the time of Ramses II, they were cut into blocks and moved 200 meters away from the flood zone. 
    As a reward for helping save the complex in Abu Simbel, the Egyptian government donated four temples to European countries to help save the monuments. Spain went to the temple of Deboda. The blocks that make up the complex were numbered, dismantled, and then transferred to Madrid, where the temple still surprises tourists.
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