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What to Do in Egypt? Trip ideas

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Not everyone may be aware of it yet, but Egypt has a very wide range of activities and unforgettable experiences to experience there. Of course, history and heritage lovers will dive straight into the heart of pyramids, temples and museums to try and satisfy their thirst for Egyptology. The more adventurous will be more seduced by the discovery of the country’s natural wonders , taking a camel or horseback ride in the desert, a hot-air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, or better yet, while sailing for several days on the Nile. Finally, lovers of the sea and more sporting atmospheres will be delighted to try out many water sports by the Red Sea, and to dive in the most beautiful diving spots in the world!
Taking all these possibilities into account, discover our selection of the most beautiful things to see and do during your trip to Egypt :

Immerse yourself in Egyptian History

Luxor, Karnak temple, ancient Egypt, Egypt tours

Egypt is one of those rare countries where the historical heritage makes the greatest number of dreams. Everyone has in mind the pharaohs, the pyramids and the magnificent frescoes covered with hieroglyphics, whose construction more than four millennia ago still remains an enigma. You will, therefore, have plenty of time to discover these remains at your own pace, by making magnificent excursions at the foot of the pyramids of Giza, in the heart of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings or in the alleys of the temple of Karnac or Philae.

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Admire Egyptian temples during a light and sound show

Sound and light Karnak temple luxor

No need to talk about the magnificence of the Egyptian temples and pyramids, everyone is won over in advance. However, seeing the temples of Luxor , Karnac or even the Pyramids of Giza at night is a whole different experience. Discover these imposing buildings in a most mysterious atmosphere after dark. All brought to life thanks to fairy lights and texts relating the history of Egypt told by the Sphinx himself, it’s surreal!

Taste Egyptian Food

Egyptian food, Koshari

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it’s that you will eat well in Egypt! The influences of national cuisine are countless, between Mediterranean, Arab and Nubian specialties. You will undoubtedly be able to taste some local dishes in a restaurant or in a souk in Cairo . We recommend the Kochari, a dish based on pasta and tomato sauce, considered the national dish par excellence, the foul, a nourishing dish based on beans or the Mouloukhia, a soup made from green plants, seasoned with garlic and served with traditional bread. Enjoy your meal !

Take a Hot air Balloon over Luxor

Hot Air Balloon Ride Luxor
hot air balloon

You will quickly see for yourself that the most beautiful light in the country takes place at sunrise and sunset. In fact, going at dawn to fly over the Valley of the Kings in the air, in a hot air balloon, will quite simply be one of the highlights of your organized trip. Between lush palm groves watered by the Nile, glowing summits of the arid mountains in which are hidden some temples here and there, the spectacle of Mother Nature will be waiting for you. Do not forget your camera!

Take a Camel Ride and Appreciate the Landscapes

Pyramids tour with camel ride

What could be better than to immerse yourself in the Egyptian era and to appreciate its most beautiful monuments in the ancestral way, on the back of a camel! Whether around the pyramids of Giza, in the valley of the kings or even in the heart of the palm groves along the Nile valley , cross the paths of beaten earth or sand and appreciate the landscape to the rhythm of the Bedouins.

Go on a cruise on the Nile

Nile Cruise holidays
Egypt and Jordan including Nile Cruise

It is probably the most unmissable experience there is in Egypt, and for good reason, you will remember it all your life. Choose to sail with all the comfort you want in sandal, in a group on a ferry, or in a traditional way by felucca . And immerse yourself in Eternal Egypt, visiting the Kom-Ombo and Edfu temples and the villages along the Nile. Observe the landforms that change from region to region, from the Nubian villages of Aswan to the pink granite cliffs near Daraw. Discover the many birds that live in these places, white ibis, gray herons, pink flamingos or moorhens. And celebrate every day as it should be to the sound of your crew’s drums when the evening comes.

Sail the Nile on a Felucca

aswan felucca ride

This is what makes the Nile one of the most magical rivers in the world: it is still full of life! If you want to appreciate its activity as it should be, nothing better than to climb in a felucca for a few hours at sunset , to watch the fishermen putting away their nets, the children drifting on makeshift boards humming and the small boats in motor transport the premises back from work from one bank of the river to the other.


Go Diving in the Red Sea

Red Sea Diving
Red Sea Egypt

The Red Sea is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs and diving spots in the world. You would, therefore, be wrong to deprive yourself of it! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, take a mask, snorkel and wetsuit, and set off to discover the most beautiful species of fish, from majestic scorpionfish to huge sea turtles, to playful clownfish and intimidating barracudas. And discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt where to put your towel and observe the most beautiful fish.

Take a Quad Ride in the Desert Sand Dunes

Deluxe Tours Egypt, Quad Bike pyramids, Atv and Quad bike tours pyramids

If there is one fun way to discover and experience the desert, it’s by quad! Straddling your car, set off on an adventure around the pyramids of Giza, in the dunes of the Great Sand Sea or even in the lunar and desert landscapes bordering the Red Sea coast. There are things to do in Egypt, even in the desert!

Sleep Under the Stars in the White Desert

Egypt white desert, Desert Safari, White desert Egypt

If you want to immerse yourself in the life of the Bedouin of the desert, you cannot miss an excursion in the heart of the desert, to discover the magnificent oases of Bahariya for example, the white desert and its unusual rock formations. immaculate white. In the evening, sleep in a Bedouin tent and have a good time with the locals, who will make you discover their daily life around a fire, with the starry sky of the desert as a roof.

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