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Palm Sunday

It is the seventh Sunday of the last and final fasting before Easter or Resurrection, and it is called the week that begins with the Holy Week, and it is the day of the anniversary of the entry of “Jesus Christ, the son of Mary,” to the city of Jerusalem. This day is also called one of the palm leaves or olive trees because the people of Jerusalem greeted him with palm leaves and decorated olive And spreading his clothes, tree branches and palm trees under it, so the fronds and ornaments are reused in most churches to celebrate this day. Palm branches or fronds symbolize victory, meaning they received Jesus as a victor.
The word “Shaanin” comes from the Hebrew word “he is a Shiite nun” which means “Lord, save.” From it the Greek word “isna” is derived, which is the word used in the Bible by the apostles and missionaries. It is also the word that the people of Jerusalem used to receive Jesus on that day.

Sometimes called “one of the fronds” and the fronds in the Arabic language are palm branches. The Arabs in the pre-Islamic era were also celebrating this day as “the day of the spacecraft,” which is mentioned in several sources, and it is the feast that was mentioned by Al-Nabigha Al-Zybani, who said: For Christians it is known as Palm Sunday, and the causes are the gathering of a reason: trees from which arrows are taken.

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