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10 Facts About Abu Simbel Temple

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1- Abu Simbel temple was built by Ramses II and represents the miracle of the ancient Egyptians in astronomy, engineering and architecture.

2- The true miracle of the annual orthogonal phenomenon is the orthogonality of the sun to 3 statues, namely, the god shepherd of Harakhatti, King Ramses the second, and the statue of the god Amun, while the orthogonality deplores the statue of the god Ptah, who is the god of darkness.

3- Attaching to the temple of Abu Simbel is a nearby temple, built by King Ramses II, for his wife, Queen Nefertari, in honor and love of her.

4- The temple dates back to 2400 BC, and was built with these huge statues, so as to sow terror inside the hearts of the enemies.

5- This temple marks the battle of Kadesh, the most important battles that King Ramses II fought during his reign.

6- The sculptor Ahmed Othman, the owner of the idea of ​​the scenario of moving the temple by cutting its parts into blocks and stone pieces after being sank after building the High Dam.

7- It contains the largest concrete dome in the world with a diameter of 65 meters and a height of 23 meters, which is considered as a protection for the temple statues.

8- It was built with great architectural precision to withstand the highest levels of earthquake. If the temple was hit by a 10-Rich earthquake, it was not affected.

9 – The sun travels a distance of 200 meters to perpendicular to the hall of the Holy of Holies in a phenomenon that is repeated only twice every 365 days. A phenomena known as Abu Simbel Sun Festival

10 – About $ 42 million was raised from various countries of the world to move the temple to protect them from drowning.

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