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Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt?

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Tips for getting along: One of the first questions for those who want to know the land of the pyramids is whether it is safe to travel to Egypt. After all, this is a distant land, with a very different culture and habits than most other countries.

In addition, Egypt is increasingly featured in the international news because of political instability and terrorist attacks. All of this can create an uninviting image for the tourist who wants to visit its attractions.

The country has seen a huge decrease in the number of visitors since the outbreak of the Arab Spring in 2011. In recent years Egypt has witnessed political stability and it is picking up again as a main tourist hub. Let us discuss in this article what should you expect from your Egypt tour from safety, comfort and well being? Well, before we try to answer this question, it is important to keep in mind that, unfortunately, there is no place in the risk-free world. Those who live in large Brazilian cities, for example, know that urban violence can happen at any moment, even in places considered safer. Therefore, it can be said that, despite having in past years been the scene of some traumatic episodes, Egypt , a territory in North Africa , is a country that takes its safety very seriously, especially in places frequented by tourists. If you really want to be aware of the security of the country, read carefully the below!

Security at Airports and Sights in Egypt

Visitors to Egypt easily realize the local government’s concern for safety, especially in the places most frequented by tourists. Policing is overt. Military personnel display heavy weaponry in various places. You can see this concern as you arrive in Egypt when you arrive at Cairo Airport. In it the entry control is thorough and even asked to open the carry-on luggage for magazine. For domestic flights to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh …etc, security was tightened. Everyone goes through three metal detectors at different points in the buildings until they get to the plane. In Luxor you couldn’t even get into the airport without showing your boarding pass. And when it comes to leisure, we can say it is safe to travel to Egypt. In every tourist attraction there are metal detectors in the entrances. The same was true for all hotels and in crowded places such as train stations, subways and museums. Many streets were interdicted near religious temples.

Circling in vans used by tour companies you could also see tanks in some places and army soldiers on standby. Many vehicles are stopped and documentation is rigorously checked. These measures are taken to prevent terrorist acts and also to make it clear to the general population (and tourists in particular) that there is strong repression of any attempted attacks. CLICK HERE to schedule the best tours in Egypt »

Violence and petty crimes in Egypt

Chance of assault on the streets of Egypt is quite remote. Under these conditions, you can tell that the chance of you being robbed on the streets of Egypt is very slim . The strictness of Muslim countries in punishing crimes may explain this safety on the streets, because if someone is caught stealing the punishment is severe. This does not mean that tourists can neglect their belongings, especially in crowded streets and crowded places. If the risk of a violent approach is low, the chance of theft cannot be ruled out.

So no more showing money on the street, no storing belongings in your back pocket. For that, the good old “doleira” is very useful. In addition, tourists are preferred targets for some scams , such as selling counterfeit goods such as papyrus and alabaster. Another common scam is the person who combines a price with the tourist and then makes a misunderstanding and charges a different value.

There are reports of people who combined a price to climb the camel and had to pay ten times more to go down (after all, the combined price would supposedly just go up and not go down!). Still having questions about tourist attractions? + Egypt Sightseeing Tips »   These are some examples of situations to which the tourist is subjected during his trip through Egypt. As unpleasant as they may be, they reflect the risk of financial loss and annoyance, but not exactly a threat to visitor safety and integrity.  Discover =>  Egypt Pyramids Tour  


Hire a travel agency

Everything is much easier when you have a guide in Egypt , from purchasing tickets to transportation to desired locations. In addition, the guide can help you avoid certain dangers and even intervene when you need to talk to a local, especially to argue in Arabic! Of course this is not a mandatory item for those who go to Egypt, but I guarantee that it helps a lot to avoid some tight situations in the trip. And everything in Egypt (when you’re a tourist) is easier with a guide. There really is so much information to take in, so many little details that can be missed, and it is always comforting to be with a guide who knows the ropes. 

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