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Pyramids in Egypt

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The pyramids of Egypt – the main attraction of the Arab Republic, attracting thousands of tourists from around the world. Mysterious stone structures are the ancient tombs of the pharaohs and carry a lot of mysteries, most of which have not been solved until now. What is the secret of the pyramids, where did they come from and where are they? Let’s look at these issues.

Where are the pyramids?

In fact, there are a large number of pyramids located in Memphis, Upper Egypt, Hawar and other places. Each structure is different in size, architecture and even purpose. However, the main laurels go to the pyramids located in the suburbs of Cairo on the Giza plateau.

The most famous pyramid of the whole complex is the Khufu or Cheops pyramid. Currently, the height of the structure is more than 130 meters, although once it exceeded the mark of 140 meters, however, over time, the top of the tomb was destroyed. In order not to get lost in the complex of the pyramids, tourists and travelers may need a map. In addition, excursions are often conducted on the plateau, accompanied by an experienced guide. The pyramid complex in Giza definitely deserves close attention.

What pyramids are included in the Giza complex?

Giza has a fairly large number of pyramids. The most significant of which is the pyramid of Cheops. It is believed that it was built the first of the entire complex. Inside the building there are three chambers where excursions lead. In 1939, the ruins of an ancient memorial temple were discovered near the pyramid.

Satellite pyramids

Near the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) there are three more smaller structures. In each of the buildings there is only one tomb. Archaeologists suggest that the satellite pyramids were built for the wives of the pharaoh.

Eastern pyramids

In the east of the main pyramid, several more tombs were built. The remains of family members of Cheops and priests rest in them. Getting to these structures is quite difficult. In addition, tours do not lead there.

Chefren’s Pyramid

This pyramid is slightly inferior in size to the Cheops pyramid and is located southwest of it. Inside the structure are two entrances. Once Chefren’s pyramid was surrounded by a fence, the ruins of which have survived to this day.

Mycerinos Pyramid

Relatively low structure. Today its height barely exceeds 60 meters. Once the pyramid was two-tone, but over time the Mamluks plundered the lining. Since frequent corrections were made during the construction of the pyramid, the internal corridor system has a complex structure.

Great Sphinx

Near the pyramids, a statue of the Sphinx is built – a half-dome and a half-man. The figure was carved from a solid block, presumably by order of Pharaoh Hafra. It is believed that the model for the face of the Sphinx was the face of the ruler himself. Today, the statue is badly damaged, however, it is possible to consider individual features of the sculpture without any special difficulties.

Djoser Pyramid Step Pyramid in Saqqara

The Djoser Pyramid was built 30 kilometers from Cairo in Saqqara. It is considered the most ancient Egyptian pyramid. Its main distinguishing feature is a stepped vault, which symbolizes the stairs leading to the afterlife. This detail is visible in the photo. The construction has a small height, which is 60 meters. Despite the age, the design is quite well preserved, which allows tourists to consider even the smallest details.

To the north of the pyramid is an ancient temple complex, which is also well preserved. Inside the pyramid there are 11 tombs intended for the pharaoh himself and members of his family.

Interesting facts about the pyramids of Egypt

  • The pyramids of Egypt are shrouded in a mass of secrets and mysteries. Among the most interesting facts about these amazing structures are the following:
  • the faces of each Egyptian pyramid are directed to the cardinal directions – north, south, west and east;
  • Freeman workers worked on the construction of the tombs, not slaves, as previously assumed;
  • the design of the Cheops pyramid includes more than 2.5 million stone blocks that are matched to each other with mathematical precision;
  • during the construction of the pyramids, the villages where the builders lived were located next to them. There were malls, houses, and even a bakery;

in the vicinity of Egypt there are more than 140 pyramids of different ages and sizes;

the Cheops pyramid is the last of the Seven Wonders of the World, preserved to this day.

The Egyptian pyramids are the main mystery of antiquity. Having been there at least once, you will get a sea of ​​impressions and will be able to immerse yourself in the mysterious and fascinating world of ancient Egypt. It is worth noting that the cost of excursions to the pyramids is quite affordable, so everyone can touch the mystery of the most ancient civilization.

3 secrets kept by the Cheops pyramid

  • Scientists still could not find the corridor that leads to the room with the tomb of the pharaoh himself.
  • The chamber in which the ruler’s wife is buried has been successfully found. Moreover, scientists were able to discover secret doors in it, presumably leading to the afterlife. It was not possible to open the last door …
  • Near the pyramid were found … boats in disassembled condition. Archaeologists have collected them for 14 years. Today anyone can admire them. However, it is still not clear what role they played in the life of the pharaoh and why they were found next to the pyramid.

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