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Shopping in Egypt

Shopping in Egypt is an exciting and rewarding experience. Stroll through the shops and markets of this mysterious eastern country – you will definitely find something that will remind you for a very long time about the time spent on the Red Sea coast under the hot African sun.


The shops and markets of Egypt are filled with a huge amount of a wide variety of products at an affordable cost. Do not forget that you are in an eastern country and it is customary to bargain here, so even if you are completely satisfied with the prices of goods, take your time. If you bargain properly, you will be able to purchase the right item at half the price. Then shopping will be not only pleasant, but also will save some of your funds.

shopping in Egypt

Fans of oriental dance will be able to buy great costumes and loincloths here. For women practicing Islam, there are bright scarves and a large selection of long, closed clothes. Gold and silver in Egypt are also very cheaper. If you like gold jewelery, you can order a precious metal metal case with an engraving of your name in ancient Egyptian language.

Shopping in Egypt

One of the most common items to be purchased in Egypt is the Cartouch which can be gold or silver on which you can have your name engraved in Hieroglyphic alphabets. Cartouch in ancient Egypt was used to highlight names of the pharoahs.

The country of pharaohs is famous for its silk and leather products. Things from eco-friendly cotton made in Egypt are valued all over the world and their prices are quite high.

As a rule, shopping in Cairo involves the purchase of works of European antiquity, which can be bought in numerous shops and stores in the capital of Egypt. The most popular statues of stone, depicting the ancient Egyptian mythological creatures and pharaohs.

Here you can buy necklaces, beads, mouthpieces made of precious wood or black amber. In the local indoor market, tourists are offered high-quality home textiles, made and embroidered in accordance with the traditions of Arabic Alphabets. 

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