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Shopping in Egypt

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Shopping in Egypt is an exciting and rewarding experience. Stroll through the shops and markets of this mysterious eastern country – you will definitely find something that will remind you for a very long time about the time spent under the hot African sun.

The Art of Bargaining

The shops and markets of Egypt are filled with a huge amount of a wide variety of products at an affordable cost. Do not forget that you are in an eastern country and it is customary to bargain here, so even if you are completely satisfied with the prices of goods, take your time. If you bargain properly, you will be able to purchase the right item at half the price. Then shopping will be not only pleasant but also will save some of your funds.

What to buy in Egypt?

Mini Pyramids

Pyramids miniature, shopping in Egypt

The pyramids are the symbol of the country and therefore they are the most popular souvenir to buy from Egypt. Being the only remaining wonders of ancient world buying a miniature of the three pyramids and Sphinx remains your best option for remembering your trip. There are many other miniature and popular statues of stone, depicting the ancient Egyptian mythological creatures and pharaohs that can decorate your house. The prices of these items vary greatly depending on the material used and the size they can be bought from Bazaars. Better ask your guide for advise and buy from trustful place.

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver in Egypt are also very cheap. One of the most demanded souvenirs in Egypt is the Cartouche. The Cartouch is an elongated oval-shaped piece with a horizontal line below it. The Cartouch is an emblem of kings and pharaohs where they used to write their names on it and carve it on their temples and tombs. Nowadays Catrouch can be made with different materials. You can ask for your gold or silver cartouch with your name engraved in Hieroglyphic letters. These are customized and the shape and size you want and you can combine it with a suitable necklace. The cartouch can be a gift for both yourself or your beloved ones back home.

Galabeya and Belly dancing costume

In Egypt Jalbeya or Galabeya is the main costume of Egyptians. Although itis not commonly worn now in cities but in rural areas, it is the main costume. Men version of galabeya is wide and wide sleeves while women galabeya is embellished with bright colors and is tailored tight. Many people are fascinated with oriental dance and if you are looking for a belly dance costume then Egypt is the right place. A wide variety of different shapes, materials, and colors are available.

Shopping in Egypt, Galabiya

Figures of Egyptian gods and pharaohs

Figurines of gods and pharaohs are classic tourist souvenirs from Egypt. Often the gods are depicted in the form of animal figures. Especially popular are the busts of the pharaohs and sarcophagi with the pharaohs.

Quality products are made from traditional Egyptian ornamental materials: alabaster, basalt, or granite. Such figures look expensive and do not lose their appearance over time.

Along with real goods in souvenir shops, there are painted gypsum crafts. The paint peels off quite quickly, and some protruding part may break off even on the way to their homeland. Recognizing the fake is very simple: swipe your fingernail along the base of the figure. If a white scratch forms on the surface, then you have a plaster product in your hands.


Hooka, shisha, water pipe, water pipe, hookah

Hookah or “shisha” is a good functional souvenir and a colorful gift to friends. You can buy a machine in Egypt, as well as tobacco

A real Egyptian “shisha” costs from $ 25. A pack of fruit tobacco will cost a dollar. The real “shisha” is a prefabricated structure of several parts. The cheap assembled option is an obvious fake.

Hibiscus tea”

Ramadan in Egypt, Drinks in ramadan, Hibscus

The most delicious Egyptian souvenir is Hibiscus tea. This drink is made from Sudanese rose or hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus is also called “tea of ​​the Pharaohs.” It tastes a little sour, and its appearance looks bright red. Hibiscus tea is drunk both hot and cold.


jewelry, jewelry in Egypt

In each shop chains and earrings made of precious metals and stones are served, but still it is better to bring bracelets or pendants with national-historical motives to the memory of the country. On the pendants are often depicted anka crosses, scarabs and profiles of the pharaohs. Bracelets are painted in the style of Egyptian fresco art.

The price of gold is from 40 to 50 dollars per gram, silver will cost three times cheaper.

Aroma oils

perfume oils Egypt

Egyptian aromatic oils have always attracted the attention of travelers. Based on recipes of essences for the Egyptian nobility, French perfumers have created many classic masterpieces.

Sellers in perfume shops in Egypt will be happy to share the secrets of mixing oils and clearly show on the basis of what smells these or those popular perfumes are created.

The highest prices can be seen in the store at the quarry and papyrus factory. But only here you can be absolutely sure of the quality of the goods. In addition, here you will find the maximum selection of what you can buy in Egypt.

Best Places for shopping in Egypt

In Egypt, you can buy everything the East is famous for: spices, carpets, gold, silver, perfumes, copper and bronze products, leather, glass, ceramics, as well as unique handmade products.

Go to the Fair Trade Egypt store (1st floor, Sharia Yehia Ibrahim 27, Zamalek) or visit the cozy Oum El Dounia handicraft store in downtown Cairo. In the Coptic Cairo area, Souq al-Fustat, you can often meet artists and their amazing work. If you find yourself in one of Cairo’s modern shopping malls, take the time to shop for cosmetics Nefertari . This store features products based on traditional Egyptian ingredients (such as milk and honey). For real oriental sweets, head to one of Samadi ‘s specialized stores ., they sell dozens of varieties of popular sweets by weight. 

In the area of ​​Sharia al-Muizz, there is an equally interesting coppersmith bazaar where you can go in search of original souvenirs. For more than a thousand years, amazing craftsmen have been working in Cairo who are making things of incredible beauty from copper and brass. In this market, they sell beautiful candlesticks, hookahs, trays and chic copper dishes, as well as copper jewelry and various souvenirs that will attract the attention of budget travelers. Tent Maker Bazaar at Ghouria sells beautiful handcrafted cotton woven fabrics and quilts with the art of Khaiamia

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili dates back to 1382 and located in Fatimid Cairo. It is considered one of the largest bazaars in Cairo which was originally built as a caravanserai where merchants used to stop and trade for their goods in their travels between East and West. Khan El Khalili is considered a shopper paradise in its winding alleys and streets you can bargain for valuable and outstanding Egyptian handcrafts from gold, silver, copper, wood, alabaster, and handwoven carpets. You can buy small gifts and figurines. The area of Khan El Khalili is not exclusive for shopping, it houses many famous coffee shops with El Fishawy being the most famous coffee shop in Egypt and it is believed that it did not close for the past 200 years. After walking the streets of Khan El Khalili you can stop at one of the coffee shops for a glass of coffee or mint tea or to sip the famous Karade (Hibiscus). Watching the passers-by and smoking the hooks or Nargila is yet another enriching experience in the area.

If you’re expecting this to be an ordinary little souvenir store tucked into a by-lane of the busy streets of Cairo, think again. It boasts an assortment of the finest qualities and most affordable souvenirs. Color-saturated, hand-woven silks, cottons, and linens are the mainstay of this lox shop in a grand villa – buy by the yard, or in boxy, drapey women’s and men’s apparel. There’s also very pretty handmade pottery from Al-Fayoum.

City Stars
City Stars, Cairo’s Capital, and one of its hottest landmarks is located just a few minutes away from Cairo International Airport. It features 5- star international hotels, entertainment, and shopping center, in addition to a medical center, residential, and office towers. This complex covers an entire city block and is considered the first integrated urban development of its kind in the Middle East and Europe. In addition to its array of local and international brands outlets and a state of the art cinema complex, City stars features a modern replica of Khan EL Khalily and several food courts

El Diwan Bookstore
Al Diwan Bookstore has been designed to meet Western expectations and boasts of international best-sellers, children’s fiction, historical novels, and political works. You will also find software, along with travel-guides and self-help titles. To top it all, there is a little cafeteria in here too, as well as a stationery section.

This Turkish department store is the last word in luxury shopping in Cairo, stocking Prada et al alongside its chic house brand. It boasts a huge selection of scarves and perfume.

El Shorouk Bookstore
If you are searching for an Arabic and English bestsellers, finding them is guaranteed at this two-story shop. El Shorouk bookstore also offers a lot of magazines.

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