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Egypt National Holidays

There are 6 official holidays a year (January 7, 25, April 25, May 1, July 23, October 6) when banks, government offices, many businesses and schools are closed. During national holidays in Egypt schools, banks and government buildings are closed. Also, some of the shops can be closed.

January 1: New Year’s Day – popular holiday
January 7: Coptic Christmas – The children celebrate the birth of Jesus like all other Orthodox churches. Before the holiday day is fasted for 43 days.
January 25: The day of the 1952 revolution and the police.
March 3: Sportsmen’s Day
March 21: Mother’s Day
April 25: The day of liberation of Sinai
May 1: Labor Day
June 18: Day of withdrawal of British forces from the country (Eid el-Galaa)
July 23: Anniversary of the Revolution of 1952
August 15: River Nile (Wafaa Elnil)
October 6: Armed Forces Day anniversary of the October war
October 24: Suez Day anniversary of the October war
December 23: Victory day

Holidays with flexible dates:

Ramadan period  It has no effect on tourism, Muslims fast during the day: from sunrise to sunset they cannot eat, drink or smoke … etc. Most hotels do not serve alcohol to anyone during Ramadan, except for a few larger hotels.

Eid al-Fitr – The Feast of Interruption of Fasting, the end of Ramadan. The holiday lasts for 3 days.
Eid al-Adha – The Feast of the Sacrifice, about 70 days after the end of Ramadan, and commemorates Abraham’s gesture to sacrifice a sheep in place of his son Isaac. The holiday lasts 4 days.
Easter. The Coptic Easter ends the great fast for Christians. It is celebrated after the Western Passover. During this period the shops are closed.
Sham ennisim – the celebration of the Copts, also called “the softening of the breeze”. It is held in the month following Easter, goes on a picnic and eats boiled eggs and salted fish.
Ras as-Sanah al-Hijriyah – Islamic New Year – public holiday.
Mawlid al-Nabi – Prophet’s Day – celebrated in honor of the Prophet Muhammad, very spectacular in the old center of Cairo with a parade of drums and flags.