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Egypt Travel Tips

How to be safe during your trip to Egypt

  • Go protected with good travel insurance.
  • Always carry your documentation. It is normal for you to find frequent police checks on your journeys. It is usually done to have control of where tourists are in the event of possible conflicts.
  • Travel to Egypt thinking that you will know a totally different culture, so try to learn about their customs. Respect them and act with decorum.
  • Stay informed about the security situation in Egypt from official sources.
  • Another of the tips for safe travel to Egypt is that you do not photograph public spaces or fronts of organizations
  • You should go to an International Vaccination Center well in advance of your trip to Egypt in order to obtain the relevant medical recommendations and vaccine prescriptions for safe travel.
  • If you are a victim of a crime in the country, report in Egypt, and keep a copy of the complaint so that the case can be followed up.
  • If you are a woman, it is safe to travel to Egypt, but it is advisable to dress modestly. The looks will be much less intense if you cover your knees and shoulders, wear loose clothing and a handkerchief to cover your hair. It is also advisable to wear a ring that “shows” that you are married to avoid insistent questions.
  • Limit acts of love with your partner in public. Although homosexuality is not a crime, “homosexual acts” in public are not legal and there have been cases of imprisonment.
  • If you have dared to rent a car in Egypt, avoid road trips at night.
  • Consume alcohol in those places where it is allowed.
  • Maintain patience in the markets. It is common for sellers to be a little insistent, to call their customers out loud, or make gestures that seem a bit aggressive.
  • As we have seen, it is safe to Egypt on almost every occasion, but beware of scams. Common scams when buying jewelry, fabrics, or other high-value goods also occur in Egypt.
  • Try to be aware of what you eat and look for places where food cleanliness standards are high since there are many people who have stomach problems on their trips through Egypt.
  • Do not hire unofficial guides, and avoid booking with non-licensed tour operators. It is common for people to approach you around monuments that tell you that they want to show you something or give you interesting information. Although some of them may have really kind intentions, we encourage you to only trust those who can show you with an official identification that are tour guides.
  • Use common sense, follow your instinct, and don’t travel with fear. It is a fascinating country, you will not regret a moment of traveling to Egypt.

Essential Things you should know before you travel to Egypt

1. In Cairo, it is customary to tip literally for any service. Be sure to leave a cash reward to the waiter in the restaurant, the maid in the hotel, and the guide, as well as a passerby who suggested the way to the point of interest.

2. Police are always on duty on the streets of the city, you can also turn to them for help. Law enforcement officers will tell you how to get to the right street, and will always help.

3. You should not wear short skirts, shorts, and T-shirts with short sleeves for a walk around the city. Clothing should be as closed as possible, festive and colorful dresses are best left for night clubs.

4. In all major hotels, shopping malls, and gas stations you can pay by credit card. You should go to the market with a sufficient amount of cash; it is best to have more small denominations with you.

5. Currency is offered to be exchanged not only at banks but also at specialized exchange offices that are in every major shopping center and restaurant. The most favorable exchange rate is offered by banks; in all institutions, it is approximately the same. 

6. Travelers who are going to purchase antiques and paintings as souvenirs should take care of the preparation of all the necessary documents in advance. The export of cultural property from the country is prohibited.

7. The voltage in the power supply network is 220 V. Almost all hotels are equipped with standard European sockets, but this issue must be clarified before moving. In some hotels, adapters and adapters for electrical appliances are available on request. Where to really live in Cairo – the most luxurious hotels The choice of five-star hotels in Cairo is more than worthy, and each of them seeks to surprise its guests with exclusive services. On the picturesque promenade off the coast of the Nile, there is a famous

8. It is best to make telephone calls with other countries from special public payphones that work with plastic cards. Negotiations from post offices will cost a little more, and hotels offer the highest rate.

9. Locals are very welcoming and hospitable, therefore, in no case should you refuse an invitation to drink a cup of tea or coffee. Before going on a visit, you should definitely stock up on modest souvenirs for the hosts.

10. In local markets, tourists are often offered to buy interesting crafts and jewelry from coral. Buying them, as well as selling them, is a serious crime.