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Luxor Attractions

Luxor is a city of infinite possibilities: whatever your schedule, take as much time as possible to fully experience it. It is indeed an unforgettable place, which you will be able to see from many different angles. Crossed by the Nile, it is ideally divided into an east bank, where the real city is located, and the west bank, through which you reach the necropolis of ancient Thebes, namely the Valley of the Kings and that of the Queens.

Let yourself be transported back in time: you can choose whether to travel the streets of the city by bicycle or on the back of a camel, flanking the glorious vestiges of the Luxor temple and the Karnak complex on the east bank. Or why not admire them from a different perspective? In fact, you cannot miss the felucca cruise along the Nile or even the balloon ride, which flies over the city.

Special tours will take you instead to admire the wonders of the west bank: the tomb of Tutankhamun, the tomb of Nefertiti, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, a heritage that is just waiting to be immortalized in your photographs. But don’t forget to experience the city also in its present face, experiencing the cuisine, folklore and local customs with a tour of the bazaars. Relive the Egypt of yesterday and that of today in the city of Luxor: all its attractions are illustrated in our complete guide, which you can download for free and take comfort with you.