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Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh (Sharm el Sheikh) is located on the Sinai Peninsula and is one of the most popular centers of international tourism. Tours to Sharm El Sheikh are popular all year round: the climate of the Sinai Peninsula is unique. It is washed by the narrow Gulf of Aqaba of the Red Sea on the east side and the Gulf of Suez on the west side, and in the north of the peninsula surrounds the Mediterranean Sea. In winter and summer, it is warm and dry; there are places in the Sinai where there is no rainfall for several years. Sharm el-Sheikh coral reefs are in perfect condition. Here you can go diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing. Desert terrain and beautiful, picturesque Sinai mountains bear the traces of a long history. In the 2nd millennium BC, various events described in the Bible took place here. Not far from Mount Moses,

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh are usually a strip of golden sand, and pontoons located above corals or special entrances to the sea lead to the depths. After the reef, the sea immediately becomes very deep, its water is salty and heavy, and it is very easy and pleasant to swim in it. The only natural sandy beach in Sharm is Sharm El Maya Bay (Iberotel Palace and Seti Sharm hotels): only there you can safely swim barefoot. In Naama Bay, they are “conditionally sandy”: swimming without special shoes is not possible everywhere, but only in specially cleaned areas, which are usually enclosed by buoys. Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh are not just day tours to the pyramids, to Mount Moses, to Israel, or to Jordan. All travel agencies offer exciting trips to national parks, such as Ras Mohammed – to the most beautiful and species-rich coral reefs of the Northern Hemisphere. Here you can see rare species of coral and fish, marine animals – dolphins, turtles, dugongs.

Sharm El Sheikh
Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh are not limited to the beach and the clear blue sea, chic reefs, and fascinating natural and historical excursions. In the evening, the friendly entertainment venues of the town of Naama Bay, the capital of this resort, light their lights.

In Naama Bay, you can buy ethnic souvenirs and everything you need to relax – there are many large and modern shopping centers, dozens of restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs. Hotels of all the world’s leading hotel chains, well-groomed gardens with blooming flower beds and palm trees, seafood cuisine make a vacation in this resort a holiday of life, and excursions in Egypt from Sharm El Sheikh will allow you to better know the history and nature of this country.

However, the officially established – Sharm el-Sheikh – is a resort city in Egypt at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea coast of the Egyptian Riviera. One of the district centers of the South Sinai Governorate.

Sharm el-Sheikh stretches from north-east to south-west for almost 30 km along the western coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, which has Naama Bay and others in the city. From the southwest, the city borders on the Ras Mohammed National Park on the extreme southern point of the Sinai Peninsula, in the northeast – against the Nabq National Reserve, from the northwest it is covered by the ridge of the Sinai Mountains from the winds and bad weather, and from the southeast it is washed by the Red Sea .

Near the coastline of the city is the island of Tiran. 80 km from the city (in a straight line) inside the Sinai Peninsula are Mount Moses and the neighboring mountains of St. Catherine.

The climate is extremely hot. Sharm El Sheikh has a tropical desert climate with very low annual rainfall. In January-February, nighttime temperatures drop to +15 ° C (less often – to +10 ° C), and sometimes there is a pretty cool wind, but during the day the bright sun shines and many visitors to the beaches sunbathe and swim. In summer, the temperature can rise to +50 ° C and more in the shade, the warmest month is August, whose average maximum is +43 ° C, and even at night the temperature does not drop below +30 ° C.

The water temperature in the sea does not fall below +20 ° C, even in winter (in summer it rises to +28 ° C). Rains in Sharm el Sheikh are extremely rare, the air is dry and warm at any time of the year.

Sharm El Sheikh is a fairly new resort for a respectable or youth holiday. This Egyptian resort is famous for its Naama Bay, where there is a walking area with many souvenir shops, clubs, cafes, discos. High-class hotels are located on the first coastline, hotels of 3 and 4 stars are located, as a rule, on the second coastline. In Sharm el-Sheikh coral beaches, with pontoons, the entrance to the sea in special shoes.

Good place for scuba diving. Clean and warm water, a rich underwater world and a large number of coral reefs create good conditions for diving and snorkeling both in winter and in summer. Tourists are offered numerous diving clubs, diving schools, yachts, instructors, as well as rental masks, fins, scuba gear, etc.

For connoisseurs of the beauty of the underwater world, excursions are organized to the Ras Mohammed National Park, which is distinguished by a wide variety of corals, as well as other forms of marine flora and fauna.

The city has more than 200 hotels of various classes and price categories. Almost all hotels have swimming pools, as well as free access or bus transportation to the beaches. On the beaches, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, a wide range of services is offered for scoring, diving, water skiing and scooters, swimming with glass bottom boats and bathyscaphes, underwater and other sea excursions. Housing construction is developed – the climate and modern infrastructure attract investors from various countries. Along the coast, as well as on other free sections of the city, construction of new hotels, residential complexes, and entertainment centers continues.

The nightlife of Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its discos, night clubs, casinos and show performances. Favorite place is the “promenade” – a walking road to Naama Bay. Shopping centers and numerous street cafes work until late. Here visitors can enjoy Arabic, Japanese and European dishes, seafood, and hookah.


So that a vacation in Sharm El Sheikh does not end in disappointment, it is important to know the features of the local weather. In general, the resort is suitable for travel all four seasons.

During the day, the temperature is kept within 38 degrees. The hottest month is August. The weather is ideal to spend it swimming in the Red Sea, especially for diving.

Winter is a good season for sightseeing in Egypt. There is no suffocating heat, which makes moving around the country quite comfortable. However, lovers of swimming should not be disappointed. When you enter the sea, you get used to the water for a long time, but after diving it becomes warm.

Weather in Sharm El Sheikh in winter

In the winter months, I especially want to go on a trip to the warm edges – where you can relax from the cloudy sky and frost. For this reason, many tourists prefer to go to the resorts in the cold season.

In this case, one of the interesting options will be Egypt. Many travelers are of the opinion that in the winter strong winds are observed in this country, and the water temperature becomes too cold for a comfortable swim. However, these indicators largely depend on the location of the resort. One of the most successful solutions in this context will be Sharm El Sheikh, where in winter such weather conditions prevail:

1. A large number of sunny days in a month – up to 29! For this reason, even the most unlucky tourists can come to the sea in good weather.

2. Good location. Indeed, during the winter months, strong winds are observed in Egypt. However, the northern part of the country is protected by mountains, so travelers will be quite comfortable.

3. Small temperature fluctuations. It is also worth noting that the day and night temperatures in Sharm el-Sheikh are not too different (usually, this difference is 4-5 degrees). For this reason, the water in the sea does not have time to cool.

It is also worth considering that rest in this resort in winter has its advantages, among which it is worth highlighting the absence of a large flow of tourists and reduced prices for services. An exception to the issue of prices is only the period of the New Year holidays, however, after January 10, prices fall.

Weather forecasts for the winter months

It is also worth noting that winter holidays in Egypt will be a real salvation for those who can not tolerate the heat. At this time, the conditions become milder and do not interfere with outdoor activities. So, the weather in Sharm El Sheikh in winter has the following features:

1. The average daily temperature at this time is 23 ° C, and at night it can drop to 15-17 ° C.

2. The water temperature in the sea usually fluctuates at around 20 ° C – this mode is quite comfortable for swimming if there is no strong wind.

3. In the winter months, the average rainfall is very small and reaches only 1.3 mm. Thus, the probability of rain during the holidays will be very small.

It is also worth noting that December and February are the warmest months in this resort. So, in January, the temperature here can drop to 20 and 14 ° C, respectively. Of course, this weather is uncritical, but some may experience discomfort while swimming.

If you are still worried about the possibility of windy weather, just select a hotel whose beach will be located in the bay. This solution will provide additional protection against unpleasant conditions.

Thus, a vacation in Sharm El Sheikh in winter will be an excellent solution for those who do not plan to spend all their time on the beach, but diversify their leisure time with other entertainments, visit local attractions without suffering from the heat. So, diving in a wetsuit will allow you to enjoy staying under water, while not feeling any discomfort even in the coolest weather.

Tips for travelers traveling to Egypt in winter

To make the rest as comfortable as possible, it is worth considering all the weather conditions of the selected month. So, it is important for tourists to understand that in winter the beach day will be much shorter. For this reason, it is worth coming to the beach only from 12 to 16 hours. After that, you can go for a walk or relax in the heated pool.

In addition, you need to take care of a suitable wardrobe. So, in the evening in Sharm el-Sheikh it gets a little colder, so you should take your pants, a warm sweater or a sweatshirt with you.

Also, do not forget that the activity of the sun in Egypt in winter does not lose its strength. For this reason, you can imperceptibly sunbathe, which will significantly spoil the impression of relaxation. The solution to such a nuisance will be a fairly powerful sunscreen that will protect against the consequences of deceptive weather.

Water temperature in Sharm El Sheikh

Daily routine, constant household chores, lack of pleasant spending time kill our inner life energy. Rest is necessary for our body to replenish our energy, and spending a vacation at a world-class resort with fashionable hotels and developed infrastructure will also leave pleasant memories, new acquaintances, many beautiful photos and a unique tan from the hot sun.

Sharm el Sheikh is a place where everyone can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of carefree and relaxation.