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Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM)

The Grand Egyptian museum is located outside Cairo on the Giza plateau, 2 Km from the Giza Pyramids. The total cost of its construction amounted to 1 billion US$. It has a unique construction built on modern technology and with very convenient location.

The building of the Great Egyptian Museum is built on the slope between the Nile Valley and the Giza Plateau. The difference between its entrance and the main galleries is about 50 m. Structurally, the museum resembles a pyramid, all its halls have the form of beveled triangles with a roof in the form of a half-opened fan. Due to the special design of the roof, a lot of scattered sunlight penetrates into the building. The hall is made in the form of an atrium for large exhibits.

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At the entrance, visitors are greeted by an 11-meter statue of Ramses II. From the hall to the gallery is the main staircase, on which there are 87 statues of gods and kings. At the end of the stairs, the visitor can see huge observation windows overlooking the pyramids.

The total area of the Great Egyptian Museum is 90 thousand square meters. The main galleries are located to the left of the grand staircase, they are divided into the following eras: Predynastic (until 3100 BC), Old Kingdom (construction of pyramids), Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom (Tutankhamun, Ramses) and Greco-Roman period.

Within each era, the exhibits are grouped into the following sections: “Beliefs and Eternity” (religion), “Kingdom and Power” (rulers), “Society” (life of ordinary people). In total, the exposition will include more than 150 thousand exhibits brought from other museums and excavations.

Exhibits of Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun Hall, with an area of 7,000 square meters. Unparalleled artistic after touring the Grand Museum around the world last year with some of the king’s other collectibles, the famous Tutankhamun mask inlaid with precious stones, in addition to eleven kilograms of pure gold.

The Grand Egyptian Museum will also include a replica of the tomb of Tutankhamun and it will be more than 60 times the size of the original tomb as well as the coffins of the king.

It will display the wreath of King Tut “The King’s Crown”, the golden wand, the king’s necklaces and rings, all of them were inside the coffins of King “Tutankhamun” and they are three coffins and all take the shape of the king and inside them the mummy of the king was found inside a golden palm, the largest of the three coffins is made of cedar wood It is covered with gold and the middle sarcophagus is also decorated with gold and inlaid with precious stones, while the third inner sarcophagus, which is the golden sarcophagus, is made of pure gold and weighs 110 kg of pure gold.


The golden coffin of the king is considered one of the most important collections of the Great Museum. These three coffins were located inside a fourth coffin made of quartz stone. Inside the golden coffin was found the golden mask of the face of King Tutankhamun covering the royal mummy. Inside the coffin were also found about 150 necklaces belonging to the young king, all displayed in The New Egyptian Museum.


Other collectibles that will be displayed in the “Tutankhamun” hall are the gloves of King Tut, which are the first gloves that were invented in human history. 27 pairs of gloves were found in the tomb of “Tutankhamun”.




Unlike the old Museum of Antiquities, GEM has excellent transport accessibility. It is located next to the Cairo Ring Road connecting Cairo and Giza. A metro line will be stretched to the museum from Cairo. In addition, the museum will be easily accessible by air: the new Sphinx International Airport, located 20 minutes from the pyramids, will receive both international and domestic flights. Thus, tourists vacationing in the resorts of the Red Sea will be able to make day trips to Cairo to visit the museum and pyramids.