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Cairo Tours Includes Many Surprises

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Whenever anyone from us thinks about Egypt, a picture of its great pyramids runs through the veins of our mind. We have read many times about Egypt and its greatness of architectural glory famous globally and come among the wonders of world. The image of the country on our mind has always been influenced by the stories we heard about the place and pictures we have seen through the years. But when we visit the place it is more than that. Cairo Tours are plentiful so let’s discover what they offer.

Cairo is the place where all these pyramids are located and fascinate people to visit the place. The pyramids of Giza are on the land of Cairo. Besides its huge pyramids, Cairo is famous for its unique culture.

For its spectacular structural design and riverside view, it is occasionally referred to as the Venice of the Middle East. It is one of the urban settlements of Egypt and the centre of urbanism. It is the busiest cities in Egypt. Major population of the country survives here. You can apparently witness the amalgamation of ancient culture and modern influences over here. The traditional-cum-modern culture makes the place you fascinate in your dreams.

Cairo Egypt travel will surely reveal many truth and facts about the place. And for that you need to approach trustworthy Egypt tour operator that can help you visit the place in better way so that you can explore it to answer you all lingering questions in your mind.

Why everyone want to visit Cairo? Of course for these below mentioned aspects:

The great pyramids of Giza

Nothing can be better than that you touch the stones your own of the great pyramids stood vertical and touching the great heights of sky. Khufu is the largest one and its height is 455 feet high. Khafre’s Pyramid seems to be the largest, but it was constructed at a higher elevation. The magnificent architectural examples with its huge materialistic existence magnetize your imagination and hypnotize you instantly. You will wonder how they were constructed and how Pharaohs managed to surprise the world after so many decades.

Falafel in Pita

No this is not a place or a structural beauty. This is one of the most popular culinary examples of Egypt. Falafel in Pita is a Sandwich known for its delicious taste. It is made with deep fried chick peas. The fried chick peas are formed into balls and put with lettuce, tahini sauce and tomatoes into flat bread. To enjoy juicy and mouth-watering taste, you need not to spend a big amount. It is inexpensive and everyone buys it and eats it roaming around the city. Your Egypt vacations can’t be complete without eating this example of Egyptian culinary art.

Midan Tahrir

It plays the crucial role as it is the heart of Cairo. It has the world famous museum. Here, the museum displays King Tutankhamen and his possessions. You can also witness other pharaohs and their important belongings. Here, you can enjoy eating both traditional and modern cuisine.

Khan el-Khalili

It is considered as one of the biggest and largest markets in the world. Its been the bargaining area for centuries and traders have been coming to the place to bargain for multiples decades. You too can shop and show your bargaining skills to get the desired items you want to carry with you for you and your loved ones. While your Cairo Egypt travel, your tour operator will surely take you to this place.

These are some of the basic attractions of Cairo. It is not limited to these above described aspects of the city. It is more to be explored and enjoyed here. So, book one of the affordable Egypt travel packages by approaching a reliable online Egypt tour operator.

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