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Egypt Country Information

Egypt country information

Official nameArab Republic of Egypt
Head of headAbdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi
populationAbout 93.38 million (2016)
Ethnic groupMainly Arab (others, a few Nubia, Armenia, Greece, etc.)
languageArabic (official language), other Nubian languages, English, etc.
religionIslam, Christianity (Coptic)
area1,001,450 ㎢ (about 2.6 times that of Japan 378,000 ㎢)
visaRequired (can be obtained at the airport)
Electricity / voltage220V-50Hz: C type
passport6 months or more when applying, 1 page or more
currencyEgyptian Pound (EGP) Auxiliary unit is Piastol (pt.) 100 Piastol = 1EGP 1EGP = 6.43 yen * As of October 2017
National flag

Egypt flag

Red represents revolution, white represents a bright future, and black represents past history. These three colors are common to the flags of “Yemen”, “Syria”, and “Iraq”, and the wish of Arab unification is put in the center, the national emblem “Saladin’s hawk”.

climateExcept for the Mediterranean climate of Alexandria and the Delta, the rest of the region has a desert climate. In May-October, which is the summer, the temperature is around 40 ° C and the sunshine is strong. It is winter from November to February that makes it easier to spend. From March to May, a sandstorm called hamscene blows and the airport may be closed. It rarely rains, but it can also occur in winter along the Mediterranean coast.
Transportation conditionDomestic flights of Egypt Airlines cover major cities. Other airlines also connect Cairo to Luxor and the Sinai Peninsula. Cairo-Luxor and Aswan-Abu Simbel are very popular. Connect Cairo to the Delta region or Cairo to Luxor Aswan. Air-conditioned, night trains to Upper Egypt include dining cars and sleepers. Long-distance buses that cover all over Egypt are popular with locals. Operated by 5 public bus companies. It takes time, but the number is large and the price is low. (long-distance shared taxi) A taxi that mixes with people heading in the same direction from the Servis platform. Depart when the number of people gather. Prices are negotiable. I can hardly speak English. A bus that operates a short distance. Run on a fixed route. The city bus gets on and off at the stop, but it doesn’t stop properly, so I jumped on and off. Prepaid. The minibus is higher than the city bus, but you can always sit. You can get on and off at any place on the route. Both destinations are in Arabic only. Almost no English is understood, but the air-conditioned buses from Cairo city to Giza’s Pyramid and to Cairo airport are relatively easy to use because they can communicate in English. There is a subway called Metro which is still under construction, but it has English notation and the price is cheap. Purchase your ticket at the counter and go to the different home through the automatic ticket gate. The front train is for women only. The taxi ride is basically the same as in Japan, but the big difference is that the fare is negotiable. Most sink taxis do not speak English. The taxi in front of the hotel is aimed at tourists, so they usually speak English, but the fare is high. There are also malicious drivers, so it is better to check the market price with local people before using. The water bus connects the Giza area and Old Cairo from the pier near Tafir Square in Cairo. Departure times are irregular. The water taxi can be used for a short trip across the Nile to the other side of the river, or you can charter to other cities along the Nile. Prices are negotiable. There are motorboats and small sailboats Falluka, which are also popular in Luxor and Aswan. At sightseeing spots such as Luxor, there are also sightseeing horse-drawn carriages, camels, and rental bicycles. Nile cruises between Aswan and Luxor and luxury cruises on Lake Nasser are also popular.
How to callInternational call identification number +20 + area code (take 0) + phone number