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Unique places to visit when you travel to Egypt

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In Egypt, there are many tourist places that are unknown to many tourists. For those who are searching for a new adventure, We offer you the best unknown places in Egypt and for the lovers of meditation.

The White Desert

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The white desert, which is not known to us much, is named because it is closer to the shape of white sand thanks to its strange chalk rock formations, and is nicknamed the White Desert because it has the white color that covers most of its swings.

The White Desert is located 45 km before al-Farafra Oasis in The New Valley Governorate. With a total area of 3,010 square kilometers, the desert also contains many formations formed as a result of sandstorms in the region.

The White Desert is characterized by its calm and mild atmosphere and picturesque nature, where people enjoy the atmosphere of entertainment from safari, camping, setting fire to the atmosphere of camps, camping, and meditating in the middle of the desert and is considered the unknown tourist places in Egypt.


Blue Hole

sharm el sheikh, Blue hole

A natural place caused by natural factors, the effect of the fall of a “comet” meteor from the sky caused the formation of a deep blue hole painted by nature in the heart of the Red Sea, creating the most beautiful landscape, the Blue Hole.

Blue Hole is considered one of the best diving places in the Red Sea and its waters are very pure and transparent.


Ras Shitan Nuweiba

ras shitan, nuweiba

Nuweiba is a beautiful place in Sinai it’s nature as you should be relaxing on the sea, as well as you can climb the rocky hills there, or take a cruise and enjoy seeing solid coral reefs, octopus and buffer fish,

The moons of al-Harber, and the anemones in all their forms and colors.

Wadi Degla Reserve

Located near Cairo’s Maadi district, the Tigris Valley Reserve is located far from Cairo’s traffic, and is close to Cairo, taking about a 20-minute drive from the city center.

Wadi Degla is located in the southern part of the city in Maadi
The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency designated Wadi Degla as a protectorate area in 1999.It covers an area of 60 Square kilometers
The bottom of which is fairly flat. There are lots of side canyons for you to explore.

Enjoy various types of activities with family and friends with fresh air and relax in front of the landscape, and have bbq parties. And enjoy walking.

Jabal Al Medora Fayoum

Medawara mountain, Jebel al medawara,

Jabal al-Medora is very beautiful, one of the unknown tourist places in Egypt, located in the day, a high plateau in the form of a circle offset by three plateaus, similar to the pyramids, and the water flows between them in the form of a tongue of the lake

Below the mountain is a beach about 500 meters long,

It is one of the stunning landscapes in the lake that you will enjoy visiting.


Wadi Al Jamal

وادى الجمال, wadi al jamal, wadi el jemal

Wadi Al Jamal Reserve is located south of the Red Sea governorate in Egypt and the reserve enjoys environmental and aesthetic features, such as the presence of different and rare types of trees, palm trees, and geological formations full of precious metals

Such as emeralds, ornamental stones, feldspar, quartz, lead, manganese, and gold, Wadi Al Jamal is characterized by the presence of various types of entertainment such as swimming and diving and is considered one of the most important tourist places in Egypt


Crystal Mountain

crystal mountain

Crystal Mountain in the Egyptian oases, the most expensive mountain in the world, because it is a mountain inside the white desert its rocks are pieces of crystal and is considered an important tourist resort in Egypt because its beauty is not equal to the beauty and views you will not see before,

And you will feel that you are in a city of paradise with its stunning and charming nature and scientists believe that a meteor from the sky caused the fusion of that area and gave it a beautiful crystal shape


Dakhla and Kharga Oasis

The oases of the Sahara desert area located in the province of The New Valley, there are many monuments such as the archaeological kasbah in the village of The Ottoman Palace, water eyes, hot springs, and is considered one of the unknown tourist places in Egypt

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