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Tunis Village Fayoum

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Tunis Village in Fayoum is an Egyptian village that combines arts, adventure, relaxation, swimming, and agriculture in one charming place, which is the Tunis village overlooking Lake Qarun in Fayoum, south of Cairo, an hour’s drive from 6th of October City. The Village is the most famous pottery factory in the world and a festival is held on its land Annual World Pottery, is a great place for recreation in nature.


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Visit Tunisia Village in Fayoum.
Food in Tunis Village.
Accommodation in Tunis Village.
Tourist activities in the village of Tunis.
History of the village of Tunis.
A trip to Wadi Hitan Reserve and Wadi El Rayan from Tunis Village.

A trip to Fayoum Oasis and Tunis Village from Cairo 


Visit Tunis Village in Fayoum

This small village is inhabited by artists and writers, as you walk through Tunis village all you can see are small art galleries and pottery workshops with the best selection of serving plates, plates, cups, mirrors and more exhibits Every piece is meticulously painted and handcrafted, the air is clean and the atmosphere is very calm and very relaxing, Behind the pottery you see green fields, farm animals and the beautiful lake “Qarun Lake”. At night, the sky is clear, hundreds of stars illuminate your way.

Tunis village, fayoum, fayoum oasis, tunis fayoum. tunis village fayoum, day trip to fayoum oasis


Food in Tunis Village

The food in Tunis Village is really a treat, everything is homemade, the animals are fed on the grass, everything is made to the best taste, here you can have the famous Egyptian country breakfast of unleavened bread, molasses and white cheese, all the food is baked locally like all kinds of sweet and savory pastries In a huge wooden oven right in front of you.

Tunis village, breakfast in fayoum, tunis village breakfast



Accommodation in Tunis Village

Zad Al Musafer Hotel
It is the first and oldest hotel in Tunisia as well as the most central and located in the middle of a small village but full of life, many hotels, hostels and B&Bs have opened over the years in the footsteps of the Zad Almosafer Hotel, the prices here are very reasonable, you can rent Palm Shadows hotel apartment to stay Or single room, double room or two room apartment, the hotel is simple but very clean, there is no view of the lake but it has a spacious and quiet garden.

Zad al musafer fayoum

Zad Al Musafer Guest House has about 20 rooms and two restaurants with delicious options. It is owned by the Egyptian writer Abdo Jubeir, who was so fascinated by the beauty of Tunisia that he decided to move there twenty years ago when the place was almost unknown. “One of the most amazing things about Tunis Village is an authentic Egyptian meal of molokhia, duck and stuffed pigeon.


Tunis Village Hotels

There are now new and more expensive hotels in Tunis village such as Lazib which is the newer and more expensive option, there is also the Kom El Dekka hotel which is an expensive but very popular hotel which offers many activities for kids from gardening to pottery making to donkey riding and horse riding to cooking classes and both hotels have restaurants .

There is a new hotel 10 minutes drive from Tunis village called Bayouom which is owned by businessman Naguib Sawiris, the hotel is clean, the prices are reasonable and the food is good but you need a car to get in and out of Tunis.


Tourist activities in Village of Tunis

horse riding
Horse riding in the quiet village of Tunis is a treat in the morning breeze, there are horse rentals in the village and they are easy to find.


Cartoon Museum
There is the Cartoon Museum in Tunis Village which was opened by cartoonist Mohamed Abla a few years ago and it is a real treat for cartoon lovers young and old.


boat trip
You can take a boat and go for a picnic to Bani Mazar Island to enjoy a swim and picnic or book a bird watching trip.


Learn to make pottery

Tunisia Village is famous for its pottery and is the most famous producer of it in the world. The Tunis Pottery Festival takes place here from 1 to 3 December. Place your right foot on the spinning wheel. Use your hands to shape the clay into a small circle and keep turning and shaping until you get the perfect creation of a vase, cup or Dish.

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History of the village of Tunis

Evelyn Bure is a Swiss woman who came on a journey to find recreation in a simple Egyptian village, the village of Tunis, more than 65 years ago. At that time, the village was very small and consisted of about 10 or 20 small country houses only. After her journey ended in the village of Tunis, she returned to her country, but soon She never returned to the village of Tunis after her heart was attached to that charming village. She returned to the village of Tunis with an idea that changed that village forever and made it one of the most famous tourist villages in the world. She established the “Fayoum School of Pottery” to teach the children of the village to make ceramics, Evelyn was the foundation In transforming the village of Tunis into a complex for the manufacture of ceramics, Evelyn settled in the village of Tunis and spent her whole life there until she passed away in 2021 after changing the lives of thousands and teaching them the art of making ceramics until the village of Tunis became the most famous ceramic producer in the world and an annual international festival of ceramics was held in it.

Evelyne porret, tunis village fayoum


A trip to Wadi Hitan and Wadi El Rayan Reserve from Tunis village

If you need adventure and experience a different place then with a trip to Wadi El Hitan Reserve or Wadi El Rayan or both which is the best, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. In half an hour, enjoy the beauty of Wadi El Hitan Reserve, then you will need another hour by car to reach the wonderful museum in Wadi El Hitan “The Whale Fossil Museum”.

The tour of the museum begins with a 15-minute documentary explaining how the desert in Wadi Hitan was once an ocean and home to marine life that is now extinct. watching

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