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The most famous places for sand skiing in Egypt

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About 130 kilometers from the Egyptian capital, Cairo, lies the Wadi Al Rayyan Nature Reserve, which houses some monuments dating back millions of years. Within the reserve are vast areas of sand dunes, which have become the most important destination for sand-boarding enthusiasts, especially because of the reserve’s many other features as well as sand skiing.

Fayoum is one of the Egyptian provinces that combines Egypt’s natural characteristics, with a salt lake, Lake Qarun, fresh lakes in the Al Rayyan Valley, as well as agricultural and mountainous areas, which were called Micro Egypt.

In recent years, sand skiing has seen a high demand from sports fans both inside and outside the province and other countries, especially with factors that help camping, staying in the reserve or organizing one-day trips.

the area of the dunes of Wadi Al Rayyan has become one of the most famous areas where sand skiing is organized, including “Magic Lake” and “Palaces of the Arabs”, and the sand in the dunes is so soft that some roll from top to bottom without any tools after the smoothness of the sand.
First-time visitors are initially trained on how to stand on the “board” and not to be afraid to fall, especially since the softness of the sand does not cause any effects in the event of a fall.

The heights in wadi al-Rayyan’s dunes range from 8 to 50 meters, while skiing runs for tens of meters across longitudinal slopes.

Choosing the place to sand ski depends on the heights on the sand dunes and the preference of the guests and if it includes children or is limited to adults.

Skiing in the enchanted lake is particularly special because it has sand skiing and swimming in its waters, and is the highest height for sand dunes, with some points about 40 meters.

The enchanted or magic lake is named after it because its waters change colors, according to sunlight. The longer areas of ski distances are the “Palaces of the Arabs and Samuel”, where some Bedouin dinners are organized at the regiment’s request.
The area is characterized by many attractions, including “Whale Valley, Round Mountain, Lakes, Mt. Solo, And Valley of Watermelons”, all areas within the Al Rayyan Valley Nature Reserve.
“Palaces of the Arabs”, “Grod Moyleh”, are the most famous areas in wadi al-Rayyan, as well as the “enchanted lake”, and is named after it was hidden behind a mountain and only recently discovered.

He explains that sand heights reach up to 50 mete
Wadi Al , Batikh

It is one of the tourist attractions and is renamed due to the presence of some ancient geological laboratories in the form of watermelons, and the cave in the area is about 16 meters long, and is one of the most important attractions, especially since delegations that sport sand skiing take a full trip to the reserve.

Jabal Al , Madoura

It is a high plateau in the form of a circle corresponding to the other side 3 plateaus close to the pyramids,and the water flows between them in the form of a tongue of the lake and finds down the mountain a beach about 500 meters long, characterized by the shadow of the mountain, located near the lower lake.

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