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Road of Rams Avenue of Sphinxes Luxor

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The road of Rams in Luxor is a long road linking Luxor Temple with Karnak Temple. The development of the great archaeological Rams Road was completed after 3000 years of disappearance and the absence of historical monuments and now that all the buildings that had been hidden for years have been removed, here is the path of Rams back to light again in Waiting for its opening in a lavish celebration worthy of it.

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What is the road of rams?
History of the Road of Rams.
The reason for naming the road of rams.
Discover the path of rams.
Restoration of Rams Road.

What is the way of rams?

It is an archaeological road with a length of approximately three kilometers and a width of about 76 meters, linking Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple, where it started from the beach with a wide street and there are statues of the Sphinx and adorned on both sides along the road with rams, statues and artifacts, which are estimated at about 1200 pieces It is the first carnival road in history. These statues are carved from a single block of sandstone and engraved with the name of the king. The rams were made in two shapes. The first is the body of a lion and the head of the Sphinx, and the second is the body of a ram and the head of a ram.

Rams Road after renovation

History of the Rams’ Road

The Rams Road is a long road linking Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple. The Rams Road was built during the reign of King “Amenhotep III”, whose reign was characterized by prosperity, luxury and wealth, so that the rest of the kings of other countries were sending him to ask for some gold to decorate their palaces and in return their kingdoms would be under Egyptian state Until the Egyptian empire expanded to its maximum extent in history during the reign of Amenhotep III without spilling a single drop of blood.


When King Amenhotep III ordered the construction of the Ramses Road, it was with the aim of linking the Luxor Temple with the Karnak temple complex, and feasts, royal processions and celebrations were held on it to and from the two temples in the presence of a large public on both sides of the road. its details.

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The reason for naming the road of rams

The road had two names, the first was “Wat Anther” meaning the way of the Lord, and the other name was “Ta Mi Rahant” meaning the road of rams. The reason for the name is that the entire road is decorated with statues in the form of rams in the position of the Sphinx along both sides of the road.

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Discover the way of the rams

The rams road remained completely extinct for 3000 years under the sand until 1949 when it was discovered by Dr. Zakaria Ghoneim during excavations in that area and then 14 rams were found, and then in the sixties of the last century Dr. Muhammad Abdul Razek was able to find another 64 rams and the search and the captain continued Until 2002, when Dr. “Mohammed al-Saghir” was able to conclude that these rams are part of a long road of 2.7 km long, decorated with 1200 rams, he was able to determine the path of the road, but unfortunately most of it was buried underground, so an entire village was built over the road. Because of the difficulty of demolishing an entire village, the road remained buried underground until 2019, when the entire residents of the village were moved and completely demolished, and the road was brought to light from the ground after 3000 years of disappearance.

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Restoration of Rams Road

After the officials were able to completely demolish the houses built above the road, a team of specialized engineers restored the rams road completely. The specialized team restored all the dilapidated statues, assembling the fractures and returning them to a wonderful condition.

After the restoration of the Rams Road and its return to light, it became a wonderful addition to the historic city of Luxor, a 3 km long road that will be the largest open museum in history and will reconnect the Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple Complex as it was 3000 years ago, and it is planned to hold an annual global celebration in the Rams Road. In order to revive the ancient Egyptian heritage.

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