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Egypt Tourism supports Egypt Economy sincerely

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Tourism plays the most important role in the economy of Egypt. It is like backbone of the country. The statistics shows that Egypt was visited by about 12.8 million tourists in 2008. The country earned $11 billion as its pure revenues. We can say that it holds the major place to keep body and soul together for 12 percent of Egypt’s people (according to the data).

Many tour operators, hotel entrepreneurs, cruise owners, camel vendors and many other businesses survive just because of the tourism in Egypt. We all know that the reason behind the big support to Egypt’s economy is truly its amazing, magical and alluring tourist destinations famous worldwide. There is a long list of tourist destinations that lure tourists around the globe include:
•The Great Pyramids of Giza
•The Mummification Museum
•Pharos The Valley of the Kings
•The NileThe Egyptian Museum
•Cairo Abu Simbel
•Karnak Siwa Oasis
•Sharm El Sheikh
•Nubian Museum of Aswan

Travel Agencies – As Economy Booster

Tourism has opened doors for many businesses flourishing in Egypt in which people associated with Egyptian travel agency are getting fair advantage. The country is visited by the tourists by ship or airplane that is a pure help to transportation industry to earn revenues. Nearby Taba and Cairo International Airports, there are many local transport facilities available and numerous people earn bread and butter for them selves and their families. Different travel agency in Egypt provides the facilities of Egypt vacation packages that include transportation of tourists in the form of cars, taxies, buses. A large number of local people are associated to the profession of driving and part of revenue earner for the tourism industry.

Nile – As Economy Booster

The River Nile plays a very beautiful role to increase the revenues of the country as it offers an ample opportunity for cruising to tourists. People especially come to this place for cruising on one of the luxurious cruises. It provides tourists facilities of five star like hotels. People love to spend time with their loved ones on the cruise and enjoy seeing the beautifulness of surroundings through the windows of their air-conditioned cabin along the Nile. The journey on the cruise offers mind-blowing experience for visitors in which they witness the combination of rural and urban heritages along the river. On the board, you can enjoy facilities such as swimming pool, restaurants, gym and saloon. These amenities are offered by the helping hands of many people working on the cruise. Those who own these luxurious cruises are helping the tourism industry a lot. Many people work night and day on these cruises to serve the travelers in better manner and become the part of revenue earners for the country.

Restaurants & street Vendors ­- As Economy Booster

The street vendors and restaurants available in the country serve delicious foods to travelers. Varieties of culinary items are world famous and people who visit Egypt must want to have the taste. The local street vendors selling kebabs and Falafel on their wooden carts are the centre of attraction of taste lovers. Restaurants serve different dishes to fulfill both appetite and lust of tasting the culinary arts of Egypt. You can have the taste here of dishes and eatables such as:
•Roz Meaammar
•Bram rice
•Tehina salad

Shopping Centers ­- As Economy Booster

Shopping by visitors is also one of the aspects of revenue earning. People who visit here want to go back home with beautiful memories in their bags in the form of artifacts, clothes, rings, archeological pictures and many other stuffs to gift their friends and family.

Beaches in Egypt luring people to visit here again and again

We all know that Egypt is world-famous holiday destinations and millions of tourists have visited the place till the date. Aside from its marvels in the form of pyramids and other ancient constructions, it has numerous other things to offer in which the mesmerizing beaches here to attract tourists come. Whoever visited Egypt, must have gone to enjoy fun around beautiful beaches of it. It offers plentiful enthralling beaches to have memorable beachside fun and adventure. All the incredible beaches are located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. If you have planned to travel to Egypt for its beach fun besides all the enjoyments it offers to the tourists, the write-up is about those beaches that are known to be very famous globally. So have a look on small briefs on different beaches:

1) Dahab: It has one of the beautiful beaches located near the Sinai Mountains on the Red Sea. Here, tourists enjoy the most. It offers divers an opportunity to dive into the water. It is a suitable destination for those seeking beach holidays. Those who are professional divers enjoy the most here as the Blue hole and Canyon are the two destinations famous worldwide for diving. It provides all the professional divers ample depths to explore water-life in better manner. Dahab has lovely mountains adding more glory to the place.

2) Sharm el Sheik: It has really very clear water that attracts the visitors for this quality located on the Sinai Peninsula that extends into the Red Sea. It is the favorable destination for scuba divers as water is sparklingly clear to experience flora and fauna and beautiful coral reefs. It has quality resorts and hotels situated nearby the locations. It provides opportunities to learners and professionals of scuba diving. One more thing to tell about the place is its facilities of glass-bottom boats offering view of amazing fishes and other sea life.

3) Hurghada: This destination offers tourists many water activities such as swimming and fishing. You will feel proud of your idea for holidays to Egypt when you will reach this site. It is counted as one of the glorious beaches of Egypt. It has numerous numbers of resorts and hotels offering ultimate views. It attracts the sea divers for its amazing sea life including fish and coral reefs.

4) Marina: It is located on the Mediterranean coast and among the world famous beaches. It offers facilities of private beaches where you can enjoy with your loved one. It offers full privacy. It attracts the tourists in large numbers.

5) Cleopatra: It is a famous beach here located in Marsa Matruh. If stories are believed, in ancient times kings and queens would come and had fun. It is really suitable for swimming. Here, visitors finds the peace of mind and relaxes as much as possible because the site provides all the beautiful views a tourist destination should have. The cool breeze coming on the beaches makes you feel completely relaxed.

To enjoy on all these beaches, you should book one of the Egypt travel packages that includes fun on these beautiful beaches. You can book online any of the Egypt vacation packages and should leave everything on the tour operator who will arrange your trip to Egypt and facilitate you visit all the tourist destinations including these wonderful beaches. You can get customized Egypt travel packages to enjoy fully. If you are a group of many people, you can get discounts also. From providing transportation facilities, accommodation to sight-seeing; travel agency manages all to tour this magical country conveniently.

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