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Best Things to Do in Cairo

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Are you planning to travel to Cairo soon and are you looking for information? With our guide, we can help you. Discover what to see, the recommended neighborhoods to stay in Cairo, the excursions you should not miss, and much more. Read the following article for the best things to do in Cairo

 Cairo is a city that has always aroused curiosity as a gateway to the Arab world and for the fascinating conjunction between the modern lifestyle of one of the most important cities in the world and the meticulous Islamic traditions in a framework of picturesque architecture rich in Islamic, Christian, Pharaonic and Persian aspects.

The main challenge presented by Cairo is, at the same time, its main wealth: cultural shock. It is easy to understand the vital appeal of a city that practically lives on tourism and you can start discovering with this tour guide and travel to Cairo. Known locally as the ” mother of all cities “, Cairo stretches over the banks of the Nile River for 40 km, and in all its extent the landscape changes again and again: Narrow streets, large skyscrapers, medieval buildings, shopping centers, oriental bazaars, majestic churches and Islamic buildings that proliferate at either end of the city always in the midst of a great bustle.

The area surrounding the Midan al-Tahrir, the Liberation Square, is the most western style. But when you get away from there, in all directions, you can find picturesque neighborhoods and hectic markets. And the best things to do in Cairo are:

Pyramids of Giza

pyramids of GizaThe  pyramids of Giza , , they are the emblem of the country and the greatest point of tourist interest. If you are fascinated by the secrets of the past, did you dream to see a miracle? Then you should definitely visit the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops – one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. Previously located on the outskirts of Cairo, about 20 km. from the center of the city now an overgrown city envelops the Giza plateau, where the pyramid is located. Go explore the landmark in the morning to avoid the rays of the scorching sun. Go through the tunnel that leads to the burial chamber of the pharaoh Khufu.

Memphis & Sakkara


  • Memphis , the ancient capital of the Egyptian Empire, located 25 km. of Cairo, and its Saqqara necropolis are an unforgettable walk towards the funeral customs of the ancient settlers of the country.
  • Saqqara is a complex of beautifully painted tombs, pyramids and temples. At the moment, more than fifteen burials and many artifacts have been found. But the sands of the desert of Egypt hide a lot more interesting secrets. All the main attractions of Saqqara are hidden from sight and are underground.
  • Overcoming several kilometers along the Nile canals, you will find the royal necropolis in Dakhshur and its “Pink” and the so-called “Broken” pyramids. Situated between Saqqara and Dahshur, for several millennia the city has been a cultural, administrative and commercial center that attracted merchants and pilgrims from all over Africa and Asia. Now it is an open-air museum Memphis . Here are the impressive sphinx and colossus of Ramses II.

Khan El Khalili

Khan el Khalili, Cairo attractions

  • Khan el-Khalili, the old market of the city still continues in full activity and you can buy all kinds of local products negotiating with the artisans.
  • In Cairo, there are lanes reminiscent of the Middle Ages, and the pyramids of the time of the Pharaohs, and cafes that have retained their appearance from the XIX century. Impressive urban architecture fascinates with its diversity. Khan Al-Khalil is a real maze, with many streets and alleys. The market has been operating for 700 years. The abundance and identity of the product delight Europeans. Here you can buy King Tut coffee mug, Nefertiti statue and dancer outfit. Among the high-quality goods, one can find leather goods, brass lampshades, Egyptian signature jewelry boxes inlaid with mother of pearl and much more. Finish off the promenade with Turkish coffee or mint tea at Fishawy Cafe.– one of the oldest cafes in Cairo. This institution brings together people who come here to chat, drink a cup of tea . Cafe gained fame thanks to the famous writers, poets and politicians who were frequent visitors to the cafe. 

Muizz Street

Moez cairo


Every tourist in Cairo needs to walk along Al Muiz – a street located in the heart of the old city – at the foot of the hill where the Citadel rises (Salah ad-Din fortress) – it connects the southern city gates of Bab al-Zuweil and the northern Bab al – Futuh.  The uniqueness of the street lies in the various architectural monuments of the Middle Ages. Twilight is the best time for walking. When night falls on the city, medieval houses, palaces and mansions sparkle with colorful lights and are absolutely mesmerizing. In just half a day, the atmosphere reigning on Al-Muiz will captivate you. You will discover mosques, madrassas, caravan houses and other historical buildings, sometimes combined into whole complexes

Felucca Sailing

Nile Felucca Cario Nile Felucca Cairo Egypt   Peace in this crazy city can be found in an unexpected place – in its center. More precisely, on Felucca in the middle of the Nile, watching the sunset over a bustling city. At your choice a comfortable yacht or motor boat. Cruises take from an hour to several days. Traveling on the Nile is truly relaxing. Birds hovering overhead, the sound of water and the rustle of coastal reeds, flickering historical monuments, which are not always easy to reach by land. Prepare the phone’s memory – you will want to take a lot of amazing photos. It is best to go on a cruise from October to mid-April. At this time, all the gateways are open and the weather is favorable for travel (no scorching sun). This journey will delight you, enrich you with new knowledge. 

Smoke Hooka (Shisha)

Shisha, Hooka


You can smoke hookah in Egypt in almost any cafe, but if you call this process smoking hookah, you may not understand, because the Egyptians smoke shisha.  Shisha is not just a device for smoking tobacco, it is a ritual that is universally respected throughout Egypt.  When smoking a hookah, two things should be remembered: this will not affect your consciousness and, yes, it contains nicotine. Choose a taste : double apple, peppermint with lemon, mango or even chocolate and enjoy an exotic ritual. Many hookahs have disposable mouthpieces and tubes. Hookah in the institutions of Cairo is designed primarily for men, but many five-star hotels are ready to accept each client. 

  • Egyptian Museum of Cairo , has the largest and most interesting collection of pharaonic objects presented in a didactic and entertaining way.
  • The  Citadel of Saladino , scene of numerous historical events, the old fortress is today refuge of numerous and beautiful mosques.  

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