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Best Places to Visit in Alexandria

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Alexandria was known in ancient times as the capital of Egypt and was dubbed the “Bride of the Mediterranean”. It was built by Alexander the Great and is therefore named after it. It is the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo. , So tourism in Alexandria is one of the most important things that attract tourists from all over the world, to enjoy seeing the magnificent places, the ancient Pharaonic museums and the newly built monuments. Tourism in Alexandria Alexandria has many famous tourist attractions, including Pharaonic museums, religious sites and various entertainment venues, as well as many well known international beaches, which are frequented by tourists from all over the world. Among the distinctive tourist spots in Alexandria are the following:


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Quitbey Citadel

It is one of the oldest Islamic and tourist attractions in Alexandria and receives large numbers of tourists throughout the year. It was built by Sultan Ashraf Saif al-Din Qaitbay on the Mediterranean coast in the same old place of Manar, which was destroyed during a strong earthquake, to be one of the strongest fortresses for the people. And the army, because of the large number of threats to the city of Alexandria, and built the castle fortified high walls high 4 meters and width of 2 meters, and the castle was built in two full years. In terms of the cost of entering the castle is 20 pounds for Egyptians and Arabs, and 30 pounds for other nationalities, and operates Qaitbay Castle from 9 am to 5 pm, located in another district Corniche.

Library of Alexandria

It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Egypt and Alexandria in general because it is a beacon of cultures, arts and civilizations around the world. The library was opened in 2002 and is called the Great Library. It is not only a bookstore but contains many different buildings: The mother or home library contains large numbers of wonderful books in various fields. Planetarium. A hall dedicated to teaching science in a simplified way for children. A collection of exhibitions of up to 15 exhibitions such as the Arabic calligraphy exhibition and sculpture exhibition. 13 Specialized Center for Academic Research as Center for Democratic Studies. 6 libraries dedicated to each category, such as the Children’s Library and the Rare Book Library. 4 museums such as the Sadat Museum and Manuscript Museum. Building Panorama Civilization. 4 halls for temporary art exhibitions. The Library of Alexandria is located in the Shatby area, on the Corniche Road and specifically in front of Al Silesia Beach. 

Bombay Pillar

Alexandira Bombay pillar It is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria, which visitors from all over the world accept to see the strength of its building and its great height. Its construction dates back to the Roman era in honor of the Emperor Diocletian, who had rid the people of Alexandria of the revolution set up by the leader of Achilles. They built this pillar thanks to the Emperor who restored stability and tranquility. It was used in the old column masts as tall as the masts of the tall ships, and then changed to the column of the masts. The red granite was used in its construction. It is 20.75 meters long and the cost of entering the Egyptians is 10 pounds and the other nationalities 60 pounds.  

Antonyades Gardens

Touristic gardens have a great history dating back to the Ptolemaic era. It was a major development during the reign of Muhammad Ali. It also has a giant palace that was frequented by visitors from the kings and leaders of the world. The gardens are located in the Smouha area.

Catacomb of Kom El Shouqafa

Alexandria Catacomb of Kom Al Shouqafa Are ancient tombs located in the area of ​​Kom Sheqafa in Alexandria. They represent many ancient cultures. They are a mixture of the Pharaonic arts with the Roman and Greek arts. They contain some archaeological artifacts and many tombs and statues. Large of decorations and inscriptions for each region.

Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Theatre Alexandria One of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria dates back to the Roman era. It is located in the area of ​​Kom el-Dekka in Alexandria. It was discovered by chance during the search for the tomb of Alexander the Great. It consists of 13 degrees made of marble. Down to top to arrange seating in the theater, and used to hear some types of music.

Temple of the black head

A monumental landmark in Alexandria, discovered in 1936 in a deplorable state, dates back to the Greco-Roman era in the 2nd century AD and was built by the Roman knight of the goddess Isador because it caused him to recover from the disease. It was located on the agricultural road of the Al-Montazah area and was recently moved to the area adjacent to Al Shalalat Gardens on Al-Hurriya

Montazah Gardens

Montazah gardens alexandria It is located in a great location in terms of its name in the park, which is a huge collection of gardens and restaurants that attract tourists from different places and different ages,  and has many activities

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