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This beautiful country of pharaohs and pyramids, ancient monuments and interesting museums, excellent beaches and rich in coral and outlandish fish of the Red Sea does not cease to attract tourists from all over the world. Every year traveling to Egypt becoming more popular. More than 10 million people visit it annually.

Nowhere in the world is a vacation at comfortable resorts in modern hotels combined with such an exciting excursion program and affordable prices. Fans of Egyptian antiquities should start their route from Cairo (the Egyptian Museum) and its environs (of course, the pyramid complex in Giza), then move south along the Nile Valley to Luxor and Karnak and end your trip to Abu Simbel. On this road you will meet the tombs of the pharaohs and nobles, temples dedicated to various deities. Enormous popularity among modern tourists cruises on the ship on the Nile. Recently, local travel agencies have also organized cruises on Lake Nasser, which is higher than the Aswan Dam.Those interested in the history of the period of Alexander the Great should not miss Alexandria – the city he founded – and not visit its underground catacombs. The Sinai Peninsula is fraught with the history of the Old Testament (the mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, the Burning Cupid in the monastery of St. Catherine). For lovers of exotic jeep safari or riding a camel in oases



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Is Egypt a safe destination?

Egypt is certainly a safe destination if you take certain precautions as in any of your travels. Currently security is stable. However there are some places you should be smart when you travel to like the Sinai peninsula. Traveling between roads at night for tourists is not permitted. For visiting the White desert you have to take an escort.

What are the best cities to travel in Egypt?

White desert
Sharm El Sheikh

When is best time to travel to Egypt

Best time to travel to Egypt is between November and April. At this time of the year the weather is pleasant. However this is the prices for Egypt tours is higher during this season. Rainy days are very few during this time of the year. In summer between May and October the weather is relatively hot with very high humidity during July and August.