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Bent Pyramid Dahshur

One of the most mysterious pyramids of Egypt – a “broken” or otherwise “bent” pyramid awaits tourists. Its restoration lasted since 1965. It was built 4600 years ago during the time of Pharaoh Snefru, located in the Royal Necropolis of Dahshur, Giza Province. It is called a “curved” or “two-angle pyramid” because of its irregular diamond shape.

This Bent pyramid marks a very important step in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt, because this is a turning point in the history of architecture, the transition between step and smooth pyramids,

It is distinguished from all the pyramids of the Old Kingdom by the presence of two entrances: the northern (as well as the others) and the mysterious western: the secret of its appearance has not yet been revealed. The entrance is located at an altitude of 33 meters. Outside, it was completely invisible, since it was covered with a rotary stone slab with a locking mechanism.

Surprisingly, no trace of the presence of the sarcophagus was found in the pyramid. But the name of Pharaoh Snefru is inscribed in two places in the burial chamber with red paint. There is it on the stella, standing inside the pyramid. Today, it, like the turntable, can be seen in the Cairo Museum.

There are several versions that explain the strange shape of the pyramid. One of the most common belongs to the Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt. He suggested that the pharaoh died unexpectedly, and the builders had to complete the work in a hurry, so they changed the angle of the walls.

The height of the “curved pyramid” today is 101 meters (after the construction was completed, it was 4 meters higher). In its northern side entrance there is a narrow 80-meter corridor with a staircase that leads to the burial chamber.