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The 10 most beautiful temples in Egypt

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When planning your vacation in Egypt, visiting a part of its historical heritage should be on your list of priorities. This is a country blessed with a rich and diverse history that is unparalleled in all the world. The mastery of the ancient Egyptians in both art and engineering is evident in their wonderful monuments, where you find most of them still standing today. In very good condition as if they were made yesterday despite the passing of thousands of years giving visitors a unique opportunity to walk among the mysterious stones and amazing temples that still resonate in the legends and mysteries of these ancient times, there are hundreds of wonderful temples that you can visit all over Egypt but we have compiled a list of We consider it among the most unique and interesting temples to spend your vacation in Egypt.



Karnak Temple

Cairo NIle Cruise holiday - Luxor tours, Karnak temple
The Karnak Temple in Luxor dates back to about 2055 BC and is considered the most famous temple in Egypt and the world to the extent that it is rare to find someone who visited Egypt and did not go to see Karnak Temple, Karnak Temple was dedicated to the worship of the god Amun and it is the largest religious structure ever built In history and one of the most amazing monuments in the world, while you walk in the shadows of its giant columns try to imagine how amazing it was more than 4000 years ago in this huge area and is still in perfect condition as if it was built two days ago. read more


Karnak Temple at night



Temple of Abydos

temple of Abydos
Abydos is located west of the Nile and is considered one of the most important archaeological cities in Egypt, where there is the “Temple of Abydos.” The Temple of Abydos, dedicated to King Seti I, is famous for its inscriptions detailing the list of families of kings from Mina to the father of Seti Ramses I. There are many other temples in Abydos, but The Temple of Seti I is considered one of the most famous temples ever in Egypt because of its wonderful inscriptions that clearly remain so far and its historical importance, so it is considered one of the most beautiful temples of ancient Egypt.

Temple of Abydos

Dendera Temple

temple of Dendara, Dendara temple
The temples of Dendera are among the best preserved archaeological sites in Egypt. The temples extend over an area of ​​40 thousand square meters and combine different eras of Egyptian history in one site. Dandara can be described as a wonderful example of the unique architectural style. The main temple in Dandara to Hathor is an amazing temple. With its impressive halls, ceilings and columns carved and decorated so beautifully that it fascinates you that there was a hand carved that art several thousand years ago and still with that amazing accuracy, the inscriptions of the Temple of Dandara contain the so-called “Zodiac” is a rare prominent inscription in Egyptian art.



Luxor temple

Egypt Travel Packages, Luxor remple
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Luxor Temple is located on the eastern bank of the Nile in Luxor. The construction of the Luxor Temple began by Amenhotep III around 1390 BC and is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. Later, some kings such as Tutankhamun and Ramses II made some additions to it. The Luxor Temple was previously known In the name of the “southern sanctuary” the Holy of Holies is where the main god Amon resides.

Read more about the history of Luxor Temple and the details of its construction with pictures


Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Luxor West Bank, Hatshepsut Temple
The Temple of Hatshepsut is considered one of the most magnificent temples of the ancient Egyptians in Egypt, it dates back to 1480 BC and is located on the west bank of Luxor. The temple’s multi-tiered courtyards with spacious halls and huge columns are all details that fit a powerful queen like Hatshepsut. There are many wonderful carvings and reliefs in Temple of Hatshepsut.Read more.


Habu . temple

Habu Temple Luxor, habu temple
Habu temple, Luxor, Luxor West Bank

The Temple of Habu is located on the west bank of the Nile near Luxor. This temple was built by King Ramses III in Medinet Habu. The main temple is more than 450 feet long, in addition to its huge size and architectural and artistic importance. The Habu Temple is famous for its inscriptions detailing the defeat of enemies in the Aegean Sea. A visit to this temple gives visitors a unique step to see the Egyptian history closely and the details of Egypt’s victory in the Aegean Sea.


Ramesseum Temple

ramesseum, luxor, ramesseum temple
The Ramesseum Temple was dedicated to Ramses II as well as to the god Amun-Re. This temple is huge and contains a vast inner pillared hall and the columns are decorated with reliefs and carvings. The carved scenes on the temple of the legendary Battle of Kadesh. A group of the best preserved statues were found in the second courtyard in addition to two rows of Osiris columns. Which represents Ramses II The temple of Ramesseum is also known to have the world’s first arches.


Edfu temple

Edfu Temple. Aswan Tours
The Temple of Edfu is located about 60 miles south of Luxor, and it was built to worship the god Horus. Most of the temples are in the past and the smallest details that the passage of time has hidden in other temples, offers visitors many prominent features such as its rocky towers, large columns and a modern lighting system that has been added recently, which provides a wonderful view after dark.


Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo temple
The Komombo Temple, built during the Greco-Roman occupation and located just north of Aswan, is unique in that it is technically a double temple dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god and the falcon-headed god Horus. The site was once a center for training African war elephants.


Philae Temple

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The Temple of Isis is located on a rocky island in the Nile River near the city of Aswan and is one of the most mysterious temples in Egypt. Isis, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus, was an important figure in ancient Egyptian history and used her magical powers to bring Osiris back to life after he was killed by his brother and he became known as the “life giver.” Protecting Kings, the cult of Isis spread throughout ancient Europe.

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