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With the beginning of the early morning breeze in the air of the Egyptian Luxor near the Temple of Hatshepsut on the western mainland, the Luxor balloon flights start at a specific time. The land of Luxor history and civilization, the balloon at sunrise will take you to a panoramic view of the ancient Egyptian temples located on both sides of the Nile


Luxor Balloon Information.
Luxor balloon flights.
Is a hot air balloon safe?
Luxor balloon ticket price.
Why flights only in the early morning?
Where does the Luxor balloon fly?

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Luxor Hot air Balloon Information

The first balloon flight was launched in Luxor in 1988 and was led by British pilots who were working for the British Virgin Company, which established the first balloon company in Egypt. Luxor ranks third in the world in terms of the number of hot air balloon flights, where a large number of tourists enjoy balloons in the sky of Luxor in The daily trips that go there regularly, Luxor is very famous for its balloon trips, and therefore an international balloon festival is held in it, and it is very famous in this type of tourism.


According to the Federation of Balloon Companies in Luxor, Egypt is considered one of the leading countries in the field of flying balloons, as it ranks second in the world after the United States of America due to the stability of its weather and its wonderful landscapes such as the historic temples of Luxor and the immortal Nile River, which embraces the mountains, crops and ancient Egyptian monuments.

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Luxor Balloon Tours

Hot air ballooning in Luxor is one of the best things about Luxor, you can book in advance to ensure that you get the flight you want, there is usually a sunrise flight that can be taken before the start of the daily tours in Luxor or there is a second flight which is the early morning flight, set Alarm before sunrise As there are two morning flights in Luxor for hot air balloon companies, you will go from your hotel on a short bus ride to a pier full of colorful passenger boats tied together that will take you across the Nile or use the bridge to cross the river to the West Bank.

Receive the morning as you soar in the beautiful blue skies of Luxor over the most famous historical monuments in the world such as the Temple of Hatshepsut, the cliffs of Deir el-Bahari and the Valley of the Kings. Fly over the West Bank where farmland meets the desert.


When the sun begins to appear you will be able to see the first balloons rising in the sky, in the boat do not forget to take pictures while crossing to the west bank of Luxor, after arriving you will take another short bus ride to the location of the hot air balloon, the pilot explains how the trip will go and everything we need To know the safety information for your group, how to get on and off the airship and what to do for landing.


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Is a hot air balloon safe?

Despite some rare and few accidents related to hot air balloons, in Luxor you feel completely safe as long as the pilot is skilled and professional and all safety and security measures are taken before your eyes, so do not hesitate to try the Luxor balloon.



Luxor balloon ticket price

The prices of tickets for the Luxor balloon flight range between 1000-1600 pounds, the price of the Luxor balloon varies on several factors, including the date of the flight, as the first flight in the early morning with sunrise is more expensive than the next flight after sunrise, the price also varies according to the season, so you find in Busy seasons, the price of the balloon goes down, sometimes reaching half its price, and it is the most expensive ticket price in the New Year’s season and mid-year holidays.


Hot Air Balloon Ride Luxor
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Why flights only in the early morning?

Hot air balloon companies in Luxor are allowed to fly from before sunrise until 2 hours after sunrise The reason for choosing this timing is in the early morning because this is the time when the wind current is most predictable and when it is cleared by airspace regulations.

Where does the Luxor balloon fly?

The balloons take off from the west bank of the Nile in Luxor and it takes about 30 minutes to get there by buses that leave from many hotels and they all take passenger ferries across the Nile and you can drive there across the bridge by a private car.


The hot air balloon flight in Luxor is free so that the pilots can’t steer the balloon they can only adjust the altitude, you can ask the pilot to fly you on


Low altitude, only a few hundred meters above the ground to see the ancient temples clearly or raise you higher as you like, the wind may take you towards the Valley of the Kings or in another direction towards the Nile.



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