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The most beautiful places in winter in Egypt

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Egypt is a very diverse country in terms of nature. It has a group of governorates, each of which differs from the other, so you want to experience all of these places. It is amazing that each place is really different from the other. If your visit to Egypt is always associated with the summer season and visiting the tourist resorts, then you have missed a lot of The beauty and charm of Egypt, Egypt is not just a summer coastal city but a treasure trove of dazzling winter cities, so what are the best places in winter in Egypt? This is our topic here specifically, which is introducing you to the most beautiful tourist places in Egypt to experience an unforgettable winter trip inside Egypt.


Winter in Egypt

Egypt is not very cold in winter it is the best time of the year to visit, winter is the best time of the year to go to Egypt as the weather is mild and sunny during this time but December is the coldest month in Egypt, winter months in Egypt start from October to February, the weather is cold Very much from December until January but that is in the coastal governorates while in the southern part of Egypt the weather during winter in Egypt is very amazing especially when you come from a very cold country in winter you will find Egypt like a wonderful spring picnic, even the cities of Egypt along the Mediterranean coast You will be known for the wonderful Mediterranean weather.

The best places in winter in Egypt
Winter is the perfect time to explore Egypt. The best part of winter in Egypt is that you can visit many tourist attractions and beaches. You can visit different places during winter in Egypt easily because the weather is very mild. Here is a short guide to the best places in winter in Egypt that You can visit it and enjoy a different weather than most international tourist places in the winter.



Aswan in winter

When talking about the most beautiful places in the winter in Egypt, Aswan should come to the fore. I go to Aswan in the winter to find the warmth that most of the tourist places in the world miss in winter. Aswan has a warm weather in winter and hot in summer. The most beautiful winter weather in Egypt is found at the Temple of Abu Simbel, where the warmth is accompanied by some cold, so most tourists in Egypt see that visiting the Abu Simbel temple is the most beautiful trip in visiting all of Egypt.

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Luxor in winter

Luxor is located in southern Egypt in an ideal location to visit in winter, the winter months are a good time to explore the many royal temples and tombs that abound in Luxor, Luxor is home to a group of the most famous Egyptian temples such as Luxor Temple and Karnak on the east bank of the Nile and the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens on the The West Bank, in addition to the Luxor Museum, which is worth a visit for its priceless treasures.

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Sharm El-Shaikh

Sharm El Sheikh is located on the Red Sea coast and is one of the most famous places in winter in Egypt. It is warm in winter and very suitable for marine mobiles, diving and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. Sharm El Sheikh has always been a favorite destination for all visitors to Egypt in winter, so do not hesitate to visit it during your next trip in Egypt .

Cairo in winter

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the most famous and oldest capitals in the world. Cairo is one of the most beautiful places in the winter in Egypt and in all seasons of the year. Cairo is one of the most capitals in the world full of historical places, museums and wonderful attractions. Cairo’s location in the heart of Egypt made it a starting point for starting most of your travels in Egypt regardless of any weather, from Cairo you can visit the most important monument in the world “the Pyramids of Giza” and the Sphinx, and visit the world-famous Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, the Museum of Civilization in Fustat and the Great Museum, which is the latest and largest museum in the world and includes all the treasures of King “Tutankhamun” In one amazing hall, Cairo is called the country of a thousand minarets. Do not forget to visit a historical group of mosques, ancient Islamic houses and Al-Moez Street.


The most beautiful places in winter in Egypt

Siwa Oasis in winter

Siwa Oasis is a completely different place than any other place in Egypt, Siwa is a hidden paradise in the middle of the desert, Siwa has its own cultural nature, the locals are very friendly and do everything they can to ensure a comfortable trip for you, imagine a relaxing experience in the midst of winter in the famous hot springs It has Siwa, which is a kind of natural Jacuzzi. You can stay in eco-friendly places.



Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is an enchanting place for everyone whether you are going with your family, partner or friends, Marsa Alam is located on the western coast of the Red Sea, Marsa Alam is a very popular winter destination and it is one of the most beautiful places in winter in Egypt, if you love diving then you should not miss this Opportunity, while diving you can see turtles, octopuses and crocodile fish, after to enjoy diving in the waters of Marsa Alam you can visit the gold mines near Marsa Alam and the famous Seti Temple.




Abydos is located in the north of Egypt and is one of the oldest cities built in Egypt and the most important in terms of monuments, the most important historical monument is the great Temple of Seti. Every explorer from a long period of time is a collection of hieroglyphs that seem to depict submarines, helicopters and planes must see for yourself to be amazed like everyone else.



Faiyum in the winter

Winter means the migration of birds, and if you are a bird lover, Faiyum is an excellent choice for watching birds because it is very quiet and is a great place for hunting. Wadi El Rayan and watching the only natural waterfalls in Egypt or Wadi El Hitan to see the fossils of wonderful whales scattered quietly in the cold desert, in the middle of winter the desert sun will warm you, you can enjoy windsurfing and sandboarding.



Alexandria in winter

Alexandria, the bride of the Mediterranean, is an ideal winter weekend getaway for many Egyptians. The rainfall here during the winter increases beauty and joy when you watch it from the balcony of a hotel in front of the sea or one of the distinctive places in Alexandria such as the Greek Club. You can visit the Qaitbay Castle, which includes Maritime Museum as well as exploring its towers and labyrinth rooms and watching the harbor from its fortifications, also head to the Corniche with a taste of hot seafood in the waterfront restaurants, do not forget to go to the promenade and see the majestic palace and picturesque gardens, do not miss a visit to the Alexandria National Museum and the Royal Jewelery Museum in Alexandria.

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