Memphis Sakkara Dahshur Day Tour

  • 6 hours
  • Day tours
  • Daily 8:00 am
From USD 35
Child from 6-11
USD 35 x 1 person USD 32 x 1 children
Total USD 35

A full day Cairo tour to Memphis the capital of ancient Egypt with its exhibit of the huge Ramses II statue as well as the Sphinx. Sakkara with its step Pyramid of Zoser (Djoser) the first attempt to build a whole pyramid. Dahshur with its Bent Pyramid. The day tour to Memphis Sakkara Dahshur is a comprehensive tour covering a variety of Pyramids that resembles different eras of ancient Egypt.

Price Includes

  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Transfer by deluxe air-conditioned coach
  • Entrance fees
  • Professional tour guide
  • All taxes and service charges

Prices Exclude

Tipping (recommended) / personal items/ any extra


Memphis is considered an open air museum located south of Giza. It is considered the first capital of ancient Egypt after the unification of upper and lower Egypt. Its name evolved from Min Nefer to Memphis by the Greeks. Memphis exhibits a huge colossus of Ramsis II made of limestone, a giant Alabaster Sphinx which stood at the temple of God Pitah.Sakkara one of the virgin archeological sites and despite the fact that a lot is discovered still remains many sites unexcavated. Sakkara and Dahshur are associated with Memphis they used to be necropolis of Memphis. Sakkara is dominated with the step Pyramid of Zoser one of the oldest stone structures in the world and an evolution from the single Mastaba tombs to the later smooth sided pyramids. The Pyramid of Unas famous for its burial chamber, where its walls are covered with what is known as the “Pyramid Text”, the first collection of religious texts drawn up during the Old Kingdom and destined to protect and guide the dead pharaoh during his journey in the “other world”. Sakkara is well known for the mastaba-type tombs of the ancient Egyptian nobles. The tomb walls bear inscriptions showing scenes of daily life in ancient Egypt, such as: farming, animal breeding, hunting, as well as religious rites and offerings to the owners of the mastabas and to the gods. Proceeding further south lies the Dahshur with the red pyramid of Sneferu and the Bent pyramid.

  • One person 2-3 Persons 4-7 Persons 8-15 persons
  • Adults USD 50 USD 45 USD 40 USD 35
  • Children USD 0 USD 0 USD 0 USD 0
  • Prices are quoted per person
  • Tour should be booked preferably before commencement of your trip to Egypt or 24 hours before your intended day tour during your stay. Written confirmation will be provided.
  • It is better to select the language by which the tour will be conducted we provide multilingual Egyptologist tour guides.
  • Pick up of the tour is from most centrally located hotels in Cairo and you are only required to indicated your hotel name in advance.
  • Children should be accompanied by adults



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