Egypt Best Attractions

A common question for those traveling to Egypt they ask “What are the best attractions in Egypt?” Well for a travel agency this is a very difficult question to ask. Would we recommend the most profitable tours or would we offer the very best. However with the difficulty of this questions and with the many attractions Egypt has to offer we would suggest the best attractions in Egypt as following

1. Pyramids of Giza

Who in their early childhood did not dream of visiting these splendid stone building and imagined how the king was buried inside. The Pyramids of Giza defied time and it stands


2. Karnak Temple

Cairo and Luxor Tour from Hurghada by flight
Cairo and Luxor Tour from Hurghada by flight

3.  Abu Simbel TEmple

Abu Simbel Temple Tour from Aswan
Abu Simbel Tour from Aswan

4. Memphis and Sakkara

5. Egyptian Museum

6. Khan El KHalili

7. Solar boat

8. White Desert

9. Philae Temple

10. Alexandria Library

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